2017 Plans-ish

We all know that plans can go awry and that life throws unexpected things in your path. I’m going to try to sort out some plans for the year anyway because I like planning.

To Knit:

  • Aidez – I’ve been wanting to knit this sweater since it was published, oh…six years ago?  Just the other day I purchased some yarn from another Raveler’s Destash (you should check out her destash, she’s got some good stuff in there!) and I’ll use it for this sweater. It’s likely to be my first cast on of 2017.


  • A stocking for Nick – this poor guy doesn’t have a stocking and spending Christmas with my family and all our handmade stockings made my mom and me sad (we don’t know how he feels about being handmade stocking-less but that’s beside the point). He’ll get a new stocking by the next Christmas. Which means that at the pace I’m knitting, I should start it in February.
  • A double hat for Nick – this one is a project he actually asked for – an inside out-ish hat that’s extra warm. If the guy asks, I should probably make it because knitting for men can be tricky but when they specifically ask for something that means they’re more inclined to love it.
  • Crosscountry – this will be a KAL with my momma. Having knit a similar sweater by Alicia Plummer before, I know what sorts of mods I want to make – namely placing that horizontal texture line higher up on the body to be more flattering for me. The yarn for these has been ordered and should be arriving any day!


I also want to blog more and do some video blogs – there will be a little one on Wednesday so be sure to come back and check that out!

Do you have any plans for your knitting in 2017?

8 thoughts on “2017 Plans-ish

  1. So excited to see you knit Aidez! It has been in my queue for a loong time as well and I’m a huge fan of Cirilia Rose’s aesthetic.

  2. Those are knitting excellent goals. I especially like all your sweater plans. I’m just itching to make a sweater, but I’m having a hard time knowing which one I might want to knit.

    1. Thank you! I approach sweater knitting more…..logically….these days than I did in years previous – I want to make things that I’ll actually wear! For me, that means cardigans and I almost always need to modify to fit just the way I like 🙂 I’m looking forward to your knitting adventures this year!

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