Taking Back The Minetta

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning a new beginning for this project. That time has come and I’m on my way to having yarn to execute new ideas!

One thing I learned during the process is that I am a really thorough button sewer-on-er. Those pretty little silver buttons were worth saving but just removing them was a lesson in patience lest I ruin the yarn they were sewn into. And there were 11 of them.


After carefully removing all of the beautiful buttons, I came to the part of the project where I needed to frog the knitting. The best way to do this? In my opinion, use my ball winder and turn the thing back into cakes, ready to be knit.

I probably won’t be reskeining and washing this yarn before use – I know a lot of knitters do and it’s a great way to get that noodle-y look out of it. Having knit with frogged yarn many times before, I know it won’t affect my gauge all that much and I’ll be working up a swatch, washing and blocking before I begin re-knitting anyway.

What do you do when you frog projects? Do you re-wash and de-kink the yarn? Or forge ahead into noodle knitting? (Also, what do you think of the video? I don’t do video often but want to play with it a little more so any feedback is appreciated!)

6 thoughts on “Taking Back The Minetta

  1. Wait, was that all one skein of yarn to begin with? I know when I knit my Freeport Vest, I spit-spliced my yarn and when I frogged it, it wound up being a HUGE ball of yarn (I should have used the ball winder!)….and a few smaller balls. So I’m wondering if it wasn’t all one skein originally, did you do a splice or Russian join or….?

  2. Congrats on Vlog #1 and frogging all that yarn!

    I usually don’t wash the yarn after frogging either. Is this yarn going to be your next sweater or is it going in time out for a bit?

    1. Thank you! I think this yarn is going in timeout for a bit, I just got the yarn for my Aidez in the mail and a bulky sweater sounds like a good option for all this snow we’re getting!

  3. Yay vlog! I have a sweater to frog to make something different-I’d been planning on waiting to frog it until I was ready to cast on, but you’re inspiring me to maybe just jump in and frog it and let it sit for a bit 🙂 I can’t wait to see what this yarn turn into next 😀

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