FO Friday: Fun with Faux

This is the first FO post of the new year and the last FO of last year!

This quick, simple beanie was a gift for my Team Lead and I mentioned it in my last WIP Wednesday post of 2016. It only took me 6 days to knit (and for at least 2 of those I didn’t pick up the needles at all) on size US 6 and 8 needles. I’ve written the basic formula for the hat in the notes on the project page, if you’re interested.img_4373_medium2

My favorite part of the hat is the adorable and super soft faux fur pom pom! This was my first experience with them after seeing them pop up on the knitting webs for the past few months and I can totally see where the obsession is coming from. I want my own little herd of pom poms following me around the house! I ordered mine from an Etsy seller and it arrived just when I needed it to – as I finished the hat and returned from my holiday travels. img_4372_medium2

Have you tried one of these poms yet? Where is your favorite place to buy them? If you haven’t tried them – do yourself a favor and get one!

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Fun with Faux

  1. I love them and my favourite place to get them is the knitting warehouse. I don’t know how much you paid on Etsy but you can check there and see if the price is comparable. I have a whole bunch … red and purple included! 😀

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