Rethinking Miranda

Another post about a past knit that doesn’t quite suit me and how I’ll figure out what to do with it!

I knit Miranda in the fall of 2013. I’d just moved back to Colorado from a short stint in Albuquerque and was starting work that I was super excited about. It’s knit out of Malabrigo Worsted and is one of the softest sweaters I own.



-the body of the sweater is a bit long for my torso which causes the kangaroo pocket and faux cable shaping to land in an area that I don’t want to make bigger

-there isn’t any waist or hip shaping so it doesn’t do my figure any favors

-the sleeves are a little short (well, one of them is….they aren’t the same length)


I wish the whole sweater were over-sized – maybe the same length but more positive ease and longer, larger sleeves – or I wish the whole sweater were better fitting – shorter in the body and more flattering.

So the options I suppose are:

  1. Rip out the entire thing and re-use the yarn some other way
  2. Rip out the bottom half and re-knit with no kangaroo pocket and likely different texture shaping (ooh or maybe even make it a cropped sweater and avoid the lower abdomen area altogether?)


What do you think is the best route? Give the sweater another chance or read the writing on the wall and rip out everything?

9 thoughts on “Rethinking Miranda

  1. It may be better suited with the “faux-cabled” texture upside down…wider at the top and narrower at the base, and place the kangaroo pocket mid waist? I agree on the longer, wider sleeves. Good luck with what you decide. I know you’ll nail it!

      1. It’s a great texture and treatment, and probably what drew you to it to begin with. Use it to your advantage then tweak the dims for the rest of the sweater to your liking. 😁

  2. Good questions. The neutral color of the yarn is just perfect. It’s a nice sweater but I understand your concerns with it. If it doesn’t make you happy and want to wear it, then it’s time to rip it apart. As for turning it into a cropped sweater or starting from scratch, I’m at a loss.

    Pullovers are not my thing anymore since my internal thermostat has a mind of it’s own. I much prefer cardigans that I can take off or put on without wrestling something over my head.

    Looking forward to your decision.

    1. I’m with you on the cardigans! A pullover is just such a commitment to wear for a whole day, isn’t it? Cardigans are so much more flexible about internal (and external) temperature changes!

  3. Given that both of your ideas for making this sweater more wearable for you involve making it bigger, cropping it’s probably not the right answer. It might be worth a try before frogging it all the way, but it sounds like your best bet is probably going to be to frog it for something else 😦

  4. You might want to make your decision on how well will that yarn frog and reknit. Although I feel that if you aren’t really happy with the sweater, it ought to be entirely ripped and reknit.

    1. That’s a good point – it’s a single so it’ll pill like crazy! Maybe if I throw it in the freezer first it’ll frog easier, they say that’s true of mohair at least?

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