FO Friday: Another Shift Knob Cover

I published my free pattern for shift knob covers in August of 2011 (crazypants!) and I periodically get requests from non-knitters to make some custom ones for their cars. The other week I got one such request – a black cover with a red pom on top.

I used some stashed Malabrigo Rios (look familiar?) and some stashed Malabrigo sock to make this request come to life.

These are a quick knit, especially if done in a single color, and are fun to make while using up small bits of stash yarn! Sadly, my car doesn’t have one yet – what is that saying about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes? That’s how my car is. I spend all my personal knitting time on garments and accessories for me and not my Suza-roo. 

What have you been knitting this week? Any fun finished objects to share? Do you knit accessories for your car?


WIP Wednesday: Garment Progress

Both my current garment WIPs have seen some progress this week!

The Kinton has been joined at the underarms and now I can just go round and round and work on the body. In another inch or two I’ll start some a-line shaping but for now, it’s just basic knitting and a little lace. 

The second sleeve of the Aidez has also grown – I love how the big yarn and needles means that just a little bit of knitting time shows actual progress. I may need to keep bulky projects on my needles at all times!

What are you working on this week? Garments? Accessories? Gifts? Big stuff? Small stuff?

A Mushy Post

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. I generally am not a huge fan of this particular holiday but I celebrate in my own way (which means not at all, some years). This year, Nick and I did end up celebrating in a casual way and I want to share with you what we did because my project involves knitting and his is so sweet and I wanted to share.

A few months back, probably around Christmas, Nick mentioned off-handedly that he wanted a double-thick beanie to keep his head warm when snowboarding. The knitter brain carefully archived this comment and started marinating different ideas for how I could accomplish this. The Double Black Diamond Beanie is the final manifestation and I’m so pleased with it!

It is a reversible beanie knit up in worsted weight yarn. The Malabrigo Rios I’ve had in my stash for probably four years. It’s a perfect tonal neutral and it’ll go with whatever warm-weather outfit he’s wearing. Plus, it’s black and plays well with the name Double Black Diamond along with his favorite runs on the mountains.

The fun color is Outlander by Voolenvine on her new Cocoon base. This is my first time working with Voolenvine and I gotta say, I’m smitten. I was quite pleased to see that the ribbed half of this beanie only used about half a skein so I can use this saturated, beautiful color for another project! Nick has a lot of orange and blues in his wardrobe and finding a suitable, fun color was a little tricky. I happened to see a picture Kristin posted on Instagram the day she dyed this color and I knew it was perfect immediately, scheduled her next update in my calendar and waited with my hands on the keyboard for it to go live. It was awfully serendipitous.

I’m currently seeking testers for this pattern so if you know anyone who would love their own version, check out the thread in my Rav Group!


Nick’s project, on the other hand, is not fiber related (no surprise, he doesn’t knit).

He found this gorgeous music box at our favorite local antique store the other day and although the music part didn’t work, the box is so pretty he bought it anyway. Just look at those adorable details! The windy legs on the corners, the painted details and the instrument on the top, the red velvet on the inside!

When I opened it up, he’d filled it with “100 Reasons [I’m] Amazing” and even took the music box apart, fixed it and put it back together. The charm of this box and his thoughtfulness totally slays me. And I’m not a gushy romantic.

So, that’s a little bit of mushy stuff that made me happy this weekend. How was your weekend?

WIP Wednesday: Lots of Projects, Little Progress

Pros and Cons of having multiple projects going at once:


  • you don’t get bored with monogamous knitting
  • you can have different styles of projects going at once – from bulky yarn on big needles to small yarn on small needles and everything in between
  • I have more interesting things to share with you here on the blog


  • splitting my knitting time between projects mean that some don’t grow as fast as others

Clearly the pros outweigh the cons here and although I *did* finish a project last week, it still feels like I don’t have much to share this week!

I’m on the second sleeve of the Aidez, just barely past the cuff. The first sleeve knit up pretty quick so I’m excited to get this one done so I can start the body!

The Kinton Tee has seen some progress as well – I got to the underarm part of the back and started the front, joined the neckline there and now it’s just simple stockinette until I get to the underarms on that piece and can join them together for the body.

The socks have been neglected, sadly. They remain in my purse but haven’t seen any action in over a week.

I did start a new hat design that is coming along very nicely and I’m halfway done with the knitting on that. I’m hoping to finish it and gift it to Nick for Valentine’s and then release the pattern early next month so fingers crossed I can make that happen!

What are you working on this week?

FO Friday: Peony Shawl

This is a looonnngggg standing WIP that has finally joined the ranks of FO!

According to Ravelry, I started this on February 14th of last year and once I realized that, I kicked into high gear to have it finished before that 1 year mark. I made a quick little video showing how I blocked it and then a few extra words about how much I love it – I’m extra dorky and disorganized in this one so please forgive the goofiness.

The yarn is Entice MCN by Hazel Knits in the Hoppy Blonde colorway. This was a gift from my friend Freshy when she visited me a few years back in New Mexico (Girl, I owe you a visit!)! I really enjoyed using this yarn, the color is gorgeous, the yarn wasn’t splitty or difficult and it’s so so soft.

Peony, by Kat Riddell, is a great shawl to use up a single skein of fingering weight yarn in a solid, tonal or slightly variegated colorway. I think knitting this up in a crazy speckled yarn would be cool but it also might detract from the textural details in the pattern.

There’s no reason this shawl should’ve taken this long, the pattern is clear and the project only requires 1 skein. I did get myself mixed up somewhere in the pattern and my halves weren’t equal numbers but I fudged it and just kept going, no one can tell but me anyways, right?

When I first bound off the project I was grabbing coffee with a friend and she remarked on how small it was (she is not a knitter) but I knew it’d grow with blocking and boy did it! It’s at least twice the size (60″ wide and 27″ deep) now that it’s blocked than it was when freshly off the needles. I love that! Because it’s fingering weight yarn knit on a US 8/5 mm needle, it’s still lightweight but warm, this will be perfect for early spring and the chill that lingers in the mornings.

Have you finished anything this week? Have you knit a Kat Riddell pattern yet or used any Hazel Knits yarns?