WIP Wednesday: Lots of Projects, Little Progress

Pros and Cons of having multiple projects going at once:


  • you don’t get bored with monogamous knitting
  • you can have different styles of projects going at once – from bulky yarn on big needles to small yarn on small needles and everything in between
  • I have more interesting things to share with you here on the blog


  • splitting my knitting time between projects mean that some don’t grow as fast as others

Clearly the pros outweigh the cons here and although I *did* finish a project last week, it still feels like I don’t have much to share this week!

I’m on the second sleeve of the Aidez, just barely past the cuff. The first sleeve knit up pretty quick so I’m excited to get this one done so I can start the body!

The Kinton Tee has seen some progress as well – I got to the underarm part of the back and started the front, joined the neckline there and now it’s just simple stockinette until I get to the underarms on that piece and can join them together for the body.

The socks have been neglected, sadly. They remain in my purse but haven’t seen any action in over a week.

I did start a new hat design that is coming along very nicely and I’m halfway done with the knitting on that. I’m hoping to finish it and gift it to Nick for Valentine’s and then release the pattern early next month so fingers crossed I can make that happen!

What are you working on this week?

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Lots of Projects, Little Progress

  1. I began a pair of socks just so I could have something to knit while watching TV but I’m not really loving the yarn hence they are hibernating in my knitting basket. I’m impatiently waiting for some hardware to arrive in the mail so I can felt a new purse/bag (blogged about it today).

    1. Yarn choice definitely has a huge impact on what we feel like knitting, doesn’t it? That bag you’re making is so cool and it’s going to look so good when it’s felted! I love the zigzags and am curious to see what felting will do to them.

  2. The socks are looking good though! I’m usually have a few projects going at a time so there’s always something that spikes my interest. I’m a human being, not a knitting machine.

  3. Ooh, lovely! I love the color of those socks, and I can’t wait to see how that tee turns out! I’m trying to finish up my current KAL sweater, and then I have to cast on a new sample-and of course my poor neglected blanket WIPs!

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