The Epic Adventure as reached its climactic conclusion.  The Max Suit is finally complete, and not a moment too soon.  Because of recent events, I was thrown into a funk and didn’t knit for over a month.  Not a stitch.  And seeing as to how this suit needed to be completed for Halloween, this lack of knitting was a massive problem.

Humble Beginnings

It came down to a situation in which I told my friend that there is a chance his suit wouldn’t be finished on time. And you know what he said?

“I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.”

I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.

This statement alone gave me the drive and determination to knit an entire arm in a single day, complete with the distractions of grocery shopping, working and moving some.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality

The result? A finished Max Suit. A hood, two legs, two soles, two arms. An adult-sized pair of footie-pajamas, basically.

Every Stitch Counts

We made a tail out of garland and found some bunny ears to put on top (Kind of lame, but totally cost- and time-efficient)

I bought 15 skeins of Berroco Vintage (Ravelry link) and ended up using a smidge less than 13, so I’ve got two full balls that I can use for other projects.  I’m going to call this yarn estimation a success, given the size of the project. There are more Ravelry details here.

This is the biggest project I have completed to date, and I am so glad I did.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I am proud of it.  What are you’re epic projects?  How did you feel during the process and after?

Can You Guess What These Are?




two different materials....

Elephant feet?

Not that either, good guess.

they kinda look like boots...

If you guessed the hand-sewn soles of the Max Suit then you are correct! DingDingDing!


I can’t show you the rest of the suit yet, but these are some teaser photos for you 😉

Busy Times

I apologize for having been a bad blogger lately!  I knit for three days straight at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and to be honest, I haven’t knit a stitch since till today!  I know right? Bizarre.

But.  I did have the gentleman who requested the Max Suit over the other day to try it on and it fit thank goodness!  I was a wee bit concerned there thinking ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too small!’ then switching too ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too big!’

I know, not the best picture but really! the guy wouldn't hold still!

Of course, it still needs to get half of one foot finished, both arms, the knucks on each hand, the soles sewn on, some ears and a tail.  All in all though, it’s almost done!  It’s too big to truck to classes with me, so I can’t knit on it whilst learning new knowledgable  things but I started a Citron identical to my other one this morning.  While I was home over the summer, my mom fell in love and since it was her birthday yesterday I’m making it for her present 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for today, I promise to be a better blogger and a better knitter!

Making Progress

So the Max Suit has been taking a back seat to all of my other recent projects but Halloween is coming up and I need to finish the thing.  Not to mention, I really hate having a ton of UFOs happening, and this is a major UFO.  Note to self (and the rest of you have to hold me accountable for this!): Don’t take on MASSIVE custom orders just because you can.

“Can you make me a hat?”


“Ooh, can you make me a sweater?”


“Ooh Ooh! Can you make me a Superhero Suit?!”

“Sure thing dude”

That’s pretty much how that conversation happened.  And of course, just because I can make a customer or friend something, doesn’t mean I should.  These huge orders (multiples, afghans, Max Suits…etc) always take forever and eventually I just want the thing to be finished, which, ironically, does not give me the energy to actually finish them.  Does that happen to you?

More than Halfway Done...Must....Keep....Knitting....

Oh well, regardless, I am finishing the suit and I am actually enthused about it.  I’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days.  I finished the second leg and am working on both feet right now, then I’ll move onto the sleeves and knucks (fingerless mitts with a mitten flap) and I’ll have to add ears and find some fuzzy fabric for the tail.  Oh, and add a zipper.

It almost looks like a body!

It can be done and I hope it will be done by the time classes start back up! Or…shortly thereafter 🙂

Its Growing!

The Max Suit is growing!  You can see the progress here.  Now look at him!

I’ve finished one leg and got a good start on the other, when I finish both I’ll do the feet at the same time, then onto the sleeves, the mittens with flip-tops and the zipper, not to mention sewing up all the loose ends and finding a huge white button.

And a tail.

Can’t forget the tail.

This custom order of epic proportions is gonna be so sweet when its finished!