New Stash

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen my newest addition the other day!

This gorgeous skein flung its way across the country from Florida to Colorado. It’s a 400 yard/100 gram skein of fingering weight, superwash goodness. Ana Erban of Erban Studio on Etsy dyed it herself and I feel so so privileged to be able to test it out for her!

The colors are so cool and so perfect. I have an idea of what I want to make with this stuff – I definitely want it around my neck because of how soft it is.

Have you enhanced your stash at all lately? Who are some of your favorite indie dyers?


Wool ‘N Wire

Just the other week the mailman brought me something fabulous from the other side of the world.IMG_2091

This package was filled with cute little wrapped gifts and each wrapping contained a little piece of knitting paraphernalia.IMG_2097

Go say hello to Barb on Ravelry, she’s very friendly!IMG_2094

Handmade shawl pins, stitch markers and buttons from Wool N Wire in Australia – they traveled a long way to get to my new place in Colorado and they were a welcome sight.  Although I have yet to visit Australia, I’m hoping that someway I can make it happen.IMG_2093

Leafgreen Handmade

I followed Linda back when she used to blog, I loved reading about her knitting and spinning adventures, and now I follow her Etsy shop, drooling over the yarns and the photographs.

Wipe your chin, I see that moisture

And I thought it might be nice of me to share her works with you 🙂 (you can thank me later, when your yarn stash is so luxurious and full of handspun yarns that y0u simply can’t shove another skein in there, but you’re going to try anyway).

I just wanna smoosh it!

Who are some of your favorite handspun yarn suppliers?


It’s no secret I’m a long time fan of WeeOnes and her leetle stitch markers.  I was browsing through my Favorites today and saw that she had some miniature Hedgies in stock!

A Prickle of 3

I’m not sure how long she’s been making these, but they’re new to me and oh-so-cute. How could you resist?

All curled up and trying to stay warm

They remind me of this adorable and famous little picture:

What a cute wittle baby hedgie! (to be read aloud with your lips in the pucker position)


I was browsing through my Etsy Favorites this morning and had to wipe some drool off my chin after seeing these beautiful, colorful fibers:

I would love to see a real Alpaca Rainbow

From YarnbyAshleyB, the Handspun Alpaca Rainbow

FAB-ulous! (said in a high pitch with lots of inflection)

From Fabulosity, the Fabubatt No. 2

I’m really feeling all of the bright colors, probably to ward away the cold weather that has finally decided to grace Southern New Mexico.  Yes, it does get cold here, I promise, it just happens a lot later and for a shorter time period than anywhere else.  Although I like fall, I wasn’t entirely prepared for its arrival and I’m clinging the flip flops and snowcones of summer.

Needle Gauges

Every knitter has a needle gauge.  Every knitter except this one.  I was browsing around Etsy this weekend looking at the various gauges out there and I always see those simple square gauges, but these fun shapes definitely made me smile 🙂

The bamboo sheep gauge from Girlontherocks is so totally cute! I also like the small, one-inch ruler at the bottom to help you check your gauge.


I love the wide range of sizes the Llotis Wooden needle gauge from LladyLlamaFiberCo, not to mention the adorable llama shape.

I pronounce this shop "YadyYamaFiberCo" because the double "L" is always a "y" sound

Karatstix offers a wide variety of gauges in her shop.  I really appreciate the practicality of the Alpaca Meadow Delux Bamboo Needle Gauge, a range of sizes and two different rulers: one in inches and one in centimeters.  I also really like her Palm Tree Gauge, how cute!

I could have 5 llamas without actually having 5 llamas!

The hand-shaped gauge from Succaplokki is also a unique and interesting needle gauge and wouldn’t be so cool to own something that came from Finland?

Halt! Check your gauge before you pass.

Check out these other super cool gauges: a Stegosaur, a gauge pendant, an owl,  and little people!

A Recent Death

So, I don’t know how many of you heard, either in my Ravelry Group or on Twitter, but I had a recent death in the family.

Little Wooden Surgeons by littlewoodpeople

My old Dell Inspiron E1505 went in for surgery a few weeks ago to try and help with his narcolepsy but tragically died on the operating table.

The doctors did everything they could to fix him, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  Since then, I have been hijacking Matt’s computer while he’s at work but all of my documents, patterns, spreadsheets, and important things are still on the dead computer.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to conduct a heart-drive transplant soon so that I can retrieve all of those things, and I do have a new computer on order.

Laptop Charms from nicoledebruin

And yes, this is a double post from my other blog.  I thought it would be ok to post it both places because I don’t know that anyone actually reads both…except maybe my mom.  *Hi Momma!* (Does anyone else read both of them?  It would be kinda useful information…)

Lucky Me!

I entered a giveaway on Facebook for a chance to win a beautiful, colorful skein of art yarn from Kitty Grrlz (join her Facebook Group here) and I was lucky enough to win!!!
Santa Fe Summer

When we got back from our trip out to VA for the wedding, this beautiful skein was waiting for me, and let me tell you, its so much more beautiful than I even expected!

It's ok to be jealous 😉

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to make with this phenomenal yarn yet, I’m thinking a cowl or scarf…in a simple texture to show off the natural beauty of the yarn.

Humane, Organic and Beautiful

Larkspurfunnyfarm has been raising exotic fiber-producing animals in humane and organic ways for more than a decade.

Her fibers are beautiful and the colors are stunning.  Evidence of her interest in color, nature and texture.

Not only does she offer wools, she also offers llama, alpaca, silk, cocoons, handpainted yarns, handspun yarns, fiber to spin and much much more.

Why not treat yourself to some luxury while being confident that your hard earned money is going to ethical practices and the human being behind them.  Check out her blog too!