All The Things You Can Do When You Can’t Knit

Dream about knitting

Reorganize your yarn stash

Enhance your yarn stash

Cook something

Eat that thing you cooked

Take your dog for a walk


Stare longingly at your yarn stash

Pick up a new crafty hobby

Peruse Ravelry for all things you want to knit but can’t

Have a beer/glass of wine/cocktail – whatever you fancy

Take pictures of your yarn stash

Consider taking up spinning because, hey, that yarn will be good when you can knit again

Take your camera for a walk

Write long lists and post them as blog posts all the while lamenting the fact that your knitting productivity has plummeted.

Quick Photo Wall DIY

So… know that Shutterfly promo that’s been goin’ around? The one where they’re promising to give away unlimited 4×4 prints fo’ free? Yea. I took advantage of that. I loaded up my cart and only paid shipping for more than 70 photos!IMG_3455

Now that I have 70 mini photos, what should I do with them?

We had one narrow blank wall in our room that needed some love (I’m real big on having stuff on the walls). And so I took some push pins, leftover white sock yarn and the tiniest clothespins I could find at Joann’s and made this photo wall!IMG_3462

When I get bored of the pictures or the configuration, I’ll just switch ’em out with the other prints I’ve got – that’ll keep things fresh without my having to spend more money and I really do love all the pictures. Memories, people and places I love, Lisa, mountains….you can’t go wrong!IMG_3465

Any recommendations for what do with with the rest of the pictures? I’ve got about 50 left that didn’t fit here and although I could do this same treatment in a few different spaces in my house, I’m open for new options too!

(This post isn’t sponsored in anyway, I just wanted to share the good deals!)

How to Style the Sweaters from Cozy Fall Light

Kirsten, Teresa and I thought it would be fun to show you guys how we would each style the three sweaters in our latest collection!

Midnight Stroll by Holly Priestley

Although I actually do wear this sweater, styling it for this post was kind of hard! When I wear it, mostly I style it similar to how the photos are – jeans and a fitted top – but I wanted to go the extra mile for you all today 😉

Midnight Stroll Outfit

A top with interesting back detail will show through the lace on the back of the sweater and I wanted to make sure to keep the lines clean with well-fitted top and skirt since the sweater itself has so much awesome drape. I wanted boots that make more of a statement and with scrunchy knee socks, this outfit is ready for cooler temperatures!

Carlee by Kirsten Singer

I’m a cardigan wearer. I love them. I layer them over everything and I don’t always think about whether or not it looks good. Luckily, the shape, color and details of Carlee are sophisticated enough on their own that I wouldn’t have to think too hard about the outfit as a whole! If I were trying to go that extra mile though, here’s what I’d wear it with to take it up a notch.

Carlee Outfit

A flowy and sophisticated top underneath (sleeveless is a personal preference so the sleeves of the top don’t bunch up underneath the sweater sleeves), dark wash skinny jeans, slouchy and textured legwarmers and chunky grey boots.

Kat by Teresa Gregorio

I personally love the way Teresa styled the sweater in this outfit and I would certainly wear something similar. Just the other week I scored an awesome, dark denim jacket at a thrift store for a mere $6 and it’s been a perfect pairing with my other knitted sweaters. I think an A-line skirt that comes to the knees with some sort of colorful pattern paired with brown boots and a classic jean jacket would be the perfect fall look for Kat!

Outfit for Kat


What is your favorite outfit? How would you style these sweaters?

Sometimes Plans Need A’Changin’

From the top of Gray's Peak at sunrise
From the top of Gray’s Peak at sunrise

Plans and expectations. Everyone’s got ’em. For the day, the week, the meeting, life in general.  It’s nearly impossible not to have them. And, they’re a good thing to have! They can keep you on track for your goals and keep you moving forward.

The problem comes when plans and expectations aren’t met.

That job that was your “Dream Job” turns out not to be your lifelong career. The person you thought was “The One” is actually just another ex. Your “Forever Home” is just a place you stayed for a bit.

These plans can change for a number of reasons, not all of which you can control. What you can control is how you react to them. Do you fight the truth and struggle to keep your plans the way they were? Do you make excuses so that your situation fits into the box you’ve imagined for it?

Or do you accept the facts, realign your compass and move onto the next phase of the plan that you might not’ve seen coming your way?

Having an idea of where you want your life to go is a GOOD thing. Being able to overcome the obstacles – whether that means going over them, through them, around them or turning the other way entirely – is even better.

If you keep holding onto the first dream you made for yourself, you’ll be exhausted trying to keep it afloat. It’s better for your well-being if you can adjust your sails and move in a previously unexpected direction, than cling to a sinking ideal that wasn’t meant for you in the long run.


Sh*t’s Gettin’ Real Folks

There’s something that’s been going on behind the scenes the past few weeks that I haven’t talked about on the blog because I didn’t want to get everyone excited and then have the thing fall through – extra disappointment, you know what I mean?

That “thing” is far enough along now that I don’t think I need to worry about it falling through anymore (no, it’s not a small person although that statement makes it sound like one).  So, without further ado:

I’m buying a house!

I close next week and do you know what that means?  A big sale.

A big sale for the sellers of said house, yes, but also a big sale for you! For the next TWO WEEKS I’m offering the following dealios:

All coupons will be valid until the end of the day on Sunday, April 20th, 2014. And all proceeds will go towards all those expenses that buying a house comes with in addition to the house itself.


What does a knitting blogger blog about when she doesn’t have any knitting to share?

That almost sounds like it should be a tongue twister, like the woodchuck who could chuck wood one. Unfortunately, I’m not clever enough to come up with a working combination of words.IMG_2580

The sad truth is, I don’t have much to talk about right now that would relate well to the blog – I’ve been knitting those mitts but the acrylic yarn has hurt my left wrist and I can’t knit (or really do anything that requires my left hand) right now and, naturally, that’s all I want to do!IMG_2735

I want to cast on all of the things and have WIPs and FOs galore! I want to add cardigans to my closet and accessories to my shop. I want to experiment with different stitch patterns and techniques, textures and colors. If I felt like I were coming down with a cold (which I do not) I’d want to cuddle up and knit until the cold (that is non-existent) were gone.IMG_2918

Did I mention I’m not getting sick? Because I’m not. Definitely not. I think I did mention it…but I don’t think the little germies in my head got the memo. Hopefully I can nip it in the bud before it fully blossoms into loads of kleenex and awful feelings.

Fort Collins/Northern Colorado Knitting Brew Crew

My friend Hannah and I decided that we wanted to start our own version of the Pints & Purls group I started when I lived in Albuquerque (that links the the thread on Rav that keeps the group up to date, if you happen to live there and are looking to join up!).  The group started because I didn’t know anyone and I wanted to make friends.  I figured that if I could find people who like to do the same things I like to do, we’d have a greater chance of being buddies – knitting and beer-drinking is a perfect combo.IMG_0543

We’re calling our new group The Knitting Brew Crew and we’ve started a Ravelry group to keep everyone updated on the whens and wheres (please come join us!).IMG_2846

This Sunday, February 9th, will be our first meet-up.  We’re going to go to Equinox Brewing around 2pm.  Bring your crafty things and join us for a crafty beer!

Non-knitting Update

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that living in Colorado is awesome. I love living here, it’s perfect for my activity levels and preferences, I love the seasons (I’ve only really experienced winter this time around, having moved in November, but hey, I know the rest are coming) and I love that I get to sport my knitwear in a state and job where it’s appreciated!IMG_2813

I’m loving it here so much that I’m starting the lengthy, lesson-filled task of finding a home to purchase (how’s that for crazy? Pretty darn cray <- that’s how crazy it is, I have to use hip lingo to describe it).IMG_2817

Other than that, the only major change in my life is that Chadwick has gone back to live with Jake in Albuquerque.  Sad, but true. This really has been one of the best decisions for both his and my life.  Miss Mona Lisa is still here beside me, as she always will be!IMG_2804

The Year of Learning is coming along and my notebook of lessons is filling up quickly, how are your goals/resolutions coming so far?IMG_2825

As Of Late

I’ve been pretty busy and trying to squeeze in some productivity here and there and just wanted to take a quick moment to make sure ya’ll had seen what I’ve been up to lately!

What have you been up to lately?  Preparing for the new year and relishing in the memories of 2013?

‘Tis the Season – for Baking!

I love cooking and I also really enjoy baking, but I find myself more drawn to baking in the colder months and although I usually start my baking season in October, this year I got a little bit of a late start (probably the move and all that ruckus…) but I’m making up for lost time!


Two batches of delicious cookies have been baked with a third happening later this week and some apples became a delicious crisp over the weekend.IMG_2140

The crisp is so tasty and super easy to makeIMG_2157

Now if only I had some vanilla ice cream to go with it…IMG_2158

Does the cold weather or holidays bring out your baking side?  What are your holiday traditions?