Day One: A Tale of Two Yarns

Day One of KniCroBloWeek!  And yes, I do plan on writing out the numbers instead of typing in the digits because I think its pretty.

Today’s prompt is about picking two yarns worth talking about and I’m going to take the advice of Eskimimi and write about one that I love and one that I, well, don’t.

First: The Bad News

Chenille.  I hate chenille.  The only thing I like about chenille is how the word sounds when I say it.

The bane of my knitterly existence

Why do I loathe it so? Do you see all those little pieces of fiber twined together with plied thread?  That #$&% stuff gets all over everything, falls apart so easily and little fringies are then found everywhere.  Its worse than my dog’s hair, I swear.

fringie ninjas!!

Why do I have chenille if I hate it so much?  I was young once, a new knitter probably about ten years old and thought it was soft.  Soft. Yea, you read that right.  As a new knitter, the main things you focus on are color and softness. And so, this lowly little ball of chenille has been hopping about my stash for more than ten years and has yet to be used to completion because after I started using it, not even its softness could redeem the irritation that came with it.

Now, onto The Good News:

I spent quite some time trying to decide on my favorite yarn, and you know what?  It’s impossible to pick.  I don’t have a single favorite, they each have their time and place.

Yes there are some yarns I use more that others, and for certain rojects I wouldn’t dream of using this instead of that, but a single favorite?

Not happening.

So, a yarn I’ve been coveting?  Yes, I believe I can show you one of those.

Filatura Di Crossa Golden Line Superior

This yarn I got as a belated Christmas present and have yet to dig into. Because the yarn is so spectactularly soft and dainty, with the right color and halo, I want the project to be utterly perfect.

As awesome as some silk/cashmere panties would feel, I’m not sure that’s the route I should go with these…