Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brew Fest

Happy Monday!  My weekend was a very busy one, but it was a blast!  Friday and Saturday I spent in Snowmass (near Aspen, CO) at the Chili and Brew Fest.

The perfect size for sampling

There was plenty of delicious beer and all kinds of chili but, sadly, only two veggie chilis.  Although both were delicious, it would have been nice to see more of them around.

the drive was so pretty

With music playing constantly in the background and rotating DJs and bands, there was always something to dance to while waiting in line for the next brewery and plenty of good people-watching to partake in.

What did you do this weekend?  Fun things I hope!

Stitches South 2011 Recap

Skeins used during the trip: 2

Skeins added to stash: 15


Experiences had (not counting classes)

For Next Time:

  • Bigger spending budget
  • Bigger suitcase

    I colored it myself!
  • Something handknit to wear everyday – Can you believe I only brought two sweaters? (Really? What was I thinking?)
  • Something to show off in the student show
  • The juevos to show something off in the student show
  • Cute pajamas for the pj party

    some class materials

Classes I took

  • Where do they get those numbers? – Edie Eckman
  • How to say it: technical writing – Edie Eckman
  • Art of knitting backwards – Candace Eisner Strick
  • More than one way to skin a sweater – Jolie Elder
  • Join as you go knitting – Lily Chin

    One of my favorites from the fashion show

What I came home with (not even including what my momma came home with)

  • 3 skeins Malabrigo worsted and a corresponding hat, scarf and mittens pattern set (I’ve never worked with Malabrigo before, these are my first skeins!!)
  • 2 skeins Malabrigo lace – to match with my Paris yarn
  • 10 yds sample skein from Miss Babs
  • 1 yarn caddy from Purty Thangs – won during dinner after the fashion show
  • 10 skeins elsbeth lavold silky wool in taupe – for a new design coming this fall
  • 65 pictures – should’ve taken more
  • 6  business cards – handed out 4 of my own (again, should’ve handed out more)
  • 14,578 new ideas

    one of the many booths in the marketplace

There will be a more comprehensive post on the yarn this week sometime (or maybe next if I get too busy).

Bottom line:  I will be going to another Stitches event and more knitting weekends/retreats/conventions in general and I think you should too.

Guess Where My Next Adventure Is!

Now, its no secret that I’ve been quite busy as of late.  Lots of out of town travel and adventurous things happening.  This trend will not be quitting anytime soon either!  This weekend is Spring Fling here at New Mexico Tech, which basically means a big party/event/sports/music weekend at the school.

And next weekend?  Where do you think I’ll be going then? Hmm?

Any guesses?


Ok, I’ll tell you.

Wait, are you sure there’s no more guesses?

Ok, ok, I’m really telling you.

Next weekend, I’m going….to…..

Betcha didn't see THAT coming!

Stitches South!!!

I’m flying out of New Mexico next Wednesday (yes, I’ll try my best to have some prescheduled blog posts, but we all know how busy I get sometimes…) and won’t be returning from a yarn-filled weekend in Atlanta until late on Sunday.

Is anyone else going to be there?  Has anyone ever been to a Stitches event?

This is my first one, I’m taking a load o’ classes and packing more knitting than clothes (I know I’m not the only one who plans out knitting projects more than outfits when it comes to traveling…) and…

I’m going with my favorite person in the whole world!

My Momma!  (Hi momma!)

So yes, be jealous 🙂 I would be if I were you 😉

Adventures in Denver and a Lack of Knitting

I flew up to Denver on Thursday and its been a whirl wind of a trip ever since!

Lots of hanging out with friends, a parade, tons of delicious food, going out for dancing and drinks, hot tubbing, and not a stitch of knitting.

sangria martini thingies

Because I didn’t want to check any bags, I only brought a single carry-on on the flight and couldn’t fit any knitting inside of it.  I hope to make it by my favorite yarn store Lamb Shoppe tomorrow to pick up a project for the ride home, but regardless I promise to update with knitting progress once I get back home!

it was a random parade, chinese dragons, storm troopers, darth vader, a saint bernard bus, make a wish foundation limos, pt cruiser club, and that was only 5 minutes of it!

So Many Adventures!

The Trouble in Vegas Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend was such a huge success!  Even though there were problems with our registration and we weren’t placed in the right division, everyone still had a blast and no one got seriously injured.

A giant soccer ball sitting on a giant golf tee

I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule-thing soon, but Spring Break is next week and I’ll be traveling again.  I promise to do my best and show you what knits I’ve been working on!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a quick WIP in once I find where the knucks went…they got lost in my luggage somewhere I think.

Hmm….where did they go…….