WIP Wednesday: Big and Little

This week the projects I’m working on are kind of opposites.

One of them is a big garment knit with big yarn on big needles.

The other is a small set knit with small yarn on small needles.

(and there’s the other project which is kind of in the middle and makes Goldilocks happy).

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the big project is Aidez. I mentioned last week that I started on the first sleeve in lieu of a gauge swatch and I’m cruising right along with that! Knitting with US 10.5 (6.5 mm) dpns for this part feels like knitting with trees and it took my hands a few rounds to get used to working with them. It’s so satisfying how quick this knits up though and I’ll hopefully have a finished sweater in no time!

The small project is a new pair of socks for me that I shared just the beginnings of on Instagram. These are the Traditional Gansey Socks from Wendy D. Johnson’s Socks From The Toe Up Book. The yarn is stashed Dream in Color Smooshy in the Amber Glass colorway. As I mentioned with the last socks, I wanted to get a new set of needles to see if that helped with knitting – I got some Chiao Goo US 1 (2.25 mm) and the join between the needle and the cable is *so* much more smooth! The knitting isn’t faster yet, probably because of the 100% merino yarn being a bit grippy, but I’m not fighting with the stitches when I move them around the cable.

I know that for the past year I was kind of a monogamous knitter but I’m enjoying have multiple projects on the go right now! It’s kind of fun switching between the two extremes 🙂

What are you knitting this week?

Aidez Post-Poned


Remember that KAL I was doing with Freshy?  The one where we both going to finally knit the Aidez for ourselves and be supremely happy with the phenomenal results?

Mine has been postponed.

The yarn I chose isn’t getting gauge and although I do love the fabric created by the yarn, it just won’t work for this sweater and so I’m putting it aside until I can design something phenomenal out of it for myself.

Now doesn't that scream to be made into squooshy cables wrapped around my body? I thought so too.

I suppose this post-ponement isn’t altogether bad, I *do* have another excuse to go yarn shopping right?  I simply must get appropriate yarn for Aidez so that I can don this oh-so-freaking-cute cardigan by the time its cold enough outside.

Have you knit Aidez?  Share your stories with me!  I’m always enjoying others’ renditions of this immediate classic 🙂


A few weeks (months?) back my online friend Freshy and I had discussed perhaps organizing a small KAL for ourselves.  We both fell in love with the Aidez cardiganthe moment we saw it and wanted it in our closets (as do some 998 of other knitters who have knit this adorable cardigan).

Mmm Squooshy Cables

We set our start date for Labor Day and I had hoped to find another skein (preferably 2) of the yarn I chose to use, Malabrigo Worsted before then as I only had three skeins and I needed at least one more per the yardage requirements.  Sadly, I was unable to find any in the yarn shops we stopped at on the way to and from Denver and Durango (road trips are supposed to include random yarn stops right?  I thought so too).

Mmm Squooshy Malabrigo

I’ve wound my three skeins and swatched and have decided to continue in hopes that during the knitting process I’ll stumble upon the exact skeins that I need and won’t have to knit the arms in a different color or perhaps leave the cardigan as a vest (although that would be pretty cute too…).

What knits are you hoping to add to your wardrobe this fall?