Visiting a Small Alpaca Farm

The other week when I was in Pagosa Springs I got the chance to hang out with these cute little guys at Hummin’ Heaven Ranch!IMG_9299

The couple that started this little farm fell in love with alpacas when they visited the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival a few years ago and now they have 5 of their own.  IMG_9320

They had just been sheared the day before we visited, so you could easily see the shearing lines, but not all the long hairs had been cut, look at that eyelash!IMG_9318

After they shear the animals, they send the fiber off to a mill and it comes back to them in yarn form.  Each of the labels have a picture of the animal it was spun from.  Handling the different yarns was really interesting because I’d just visited the animals themselves.  The ages of the animals, the softness of the yarn, their individual colors – it was a great educational experience!IMG_9333

If you’re in the area, I strongly suggest you visit this cute little farm!  They don’t have a website, but are located at 2112 Roberts Place, a little more than 10 miles south of the town center in a gorgeous little valley with a little creek nearby and lots of friendly neighbors.

On an unrelated note, Tomorrow is Race Day!  I’m not taking my computer with me this weekend, so if I don’t respond to comments or emails right away, just know that I’m running up, and then down, a mountain!

WIP Wednesday: Revival

This week I’m sharing with you a WIP that’s been on the needles for… well, months.  Although, in my defense, I did finish it once…I just frogged it back a long ways and redid 80% of it.

I don't really mind knitting it, its so pretty and so so so so so so soft

The Malabrigo Lace project is still on the needles.  Yes, yes I know it’s been months and months and …yea I know.

Take II

This time around, I may be racing the skeins.  Much like racing the clock, I am trying to knit to the end of this thing as fast as I can so that I don’t run out of yarn.  Makes sense yes?  Think I can do it?

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WIP Wednesday: KISS

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I was having some difficulties with the Malabrigo lace project that I keep teasing you with and so I put it down for a while (“a while” means for an evening, didn’t even make it 24 hours before I had to pick it up again) to try and let the creative juices flow and magic to happen.

I decided that I was trying to make it too difficult and it wasn’t necessary to whip out complicated patterns and numbers to prove to the knitting and designing world that I’m capable and instead I’ve opted to Keep It Simple Silly (yes, yes, I know how that acronym usually ends, but, I mean, I am Silly Little Lady afterall).

today is the morning after the rain, can you sense that in the photo?

The shawlette/scarf is plugging along whenever I have the time to knit on it some and I gotta say, I am very pleased with this simplicity and awesomeness that is unfolding.  As I’ve mentioned before, this will also need test knitters sometime in the hopefully-near future and if you’re interested in helping me out, drop me a line!

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WIP Wednesday: Weekend Progress

This weekend there was plenty of knitting time in the car since we were road-tripping all around southern and western Colorado.

I got a fair amount done on this sweater:

Progress sure does look good

Much more than I showed you a few weeks ago, wouldn’t you say?  It’s coming along well although a bit slow since it is for a larger person than myself as a Christmas present and every now and again I worry that it won’t be done in time, but we’ll see…there may be some sleepless knitting nights come December in order to get it to the recipient on time.

And I’ve also been working on this pseudo-seekrit project and making decent progress as well:

So in love. I'd marry this if I could, for serious. It feels amazing, it looks amazing, it talks to me when I'm down, it gives me back rubs...

I’m quite excited about how its turning out and I absolutely love love LOVE the color combination between the two yarns.

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A Scholarly Cardigan

Introducing a new pattern today: A Scholarly Cardigan

Meant to fit loosely around the body, this cardigan is a great finishing layer to add just a bit of warmth on a chilly day or bring together any outfit.

The basketweave pattern flows away from the body creating flattering lines on just about every shape.  With a smooth stockinette pattern on top, the cardigan won’t add unnecessary bulk and provides a clean, smooth texture.

The sleeves can be made in any length to make the sweater more year-round friendly.

Find it on Ravelry, or in my Etsy Shop!

Sizes: S[M,L,XL]

Finished Measurements: to loosely fit bust: 33[38,42,46]


Size 8 circular needles and dpns

7 (8, 8, 9) Balls Plymouth Suri Merino (55% Suri Alpaca, 45% Extra Fine Merino, 110 yds ea)

Darning Needle

Stitch markers

Scrap yarn

Gauge: 5 sts x 6 rows = 1 inch in stockinette stitch on size 8 needles

Stuff You Should Know How To Do:

K – knit

P – purl

Kfb – knit into the front and back of the next stitch

Pm – place stitch marker

K2tog – knit the next 2 stitches together knitwise

Skp – slip 1 stitch knitwise, k1, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch

Slm – slip marker

Thank you to my wonderful testers!  mrsmouse, pkee, knititkim, HairballYarn, and TheKnittyGritty – you all did such a phenomenal job 😀

Yarn-Finding Goal

As you all know, I’m at Stitches South as you’re reading this.  (Like I said, its ok to be jealous…go ahead, don’t feel bad about it).  My goal for maneurvering the marketplace, teeming with yarns and fibers and knitting notions abound?

Find a yellow or grellow yarn to go with my Paris yarn:

so hard to accurately photograph

I got this 100% alpaca in Paris last summer, at La Drougerie and although its been knit up and frogged a few times, it has yet to be knit into its true form.  I have an idea of the true form, and it involves another yarn.  This other yarn, however necessary, has been elusive thus far and I sincerely hope that the marketplace at Stitches South will be able to solve this problem.

WIP Wednesday: Replacement Hat

A few years ago I participated in a swap.  And in that swap I received beautiful red baby alpaca yarn.  With that yarn, I made myself a hat.

sorry for the shoddy photo, it was taken in dim light a few years ago

This hat was also in my purse on the night it was stolen from my car and so now, I don’t actually have a hat of my own.  My WIP today is a replacement version.  I’m using the same pattern and similar yarn, but this time its green with little bits of sparkle.

Looking out at the snow, yes, snow

Instead of using 6s and 8s like the pattern calls for, I used 5s and 9s but just last night as I was knitting along, I noticed that the cable on the 9s is starting to tear away from the needle and I have to put it into hibernation until I can get another pair of 9s to finish the replacement hat off with, which makes me kind of sad.

In other news, Socorro got snow!  Enough snow that classes are canceled today 🙂  That means knitting time (as long as I find another project to cast on, which I must because I have a knitting lunch-date with a friend) and playing outside when it warms up beyond 4 degrees.

I've never seen so much snow here, and its only about 6 inches!

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FO Friday: What’s That Thing She’s Been Working On?

Ok, so let me just say that I finished this Sunday evening and I love it, so keeping it from you all for almost an entire week has been so freakin’ hard.

You know that thing?  That thing I’ve been showing you bits and pieces of since….oh….November?

what *is* that?

Yea, that thing.

Oh that's what it is!

Its done!  And its been released in to the world (or at least into my wardrobe) and I love love LOVE it.  I’ve worn it to class already and have a hard time taking it off, I can’t wait till it warms up just a leetle bit and I can wear it with some cute tshirts or camis underneath!

easy texture, easy shape

I do plan on writing this pattern up and released for sale through my Etsy shop and Ravelry.  I will also need test knitters for it *wink wink* so keep that in mind!

Adds just enough warmth

It was knit top down, raglan sleeves, almost seamless except for that front panel that adds so much to the piece.  Its knit up kind of like a short scarf then sewn onto the sweater.  I’m thinking of adding a couple of different sleeve lengths, whaddya think?

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Way Back When…

Remember wwwaaayyy back in November and I shared this post?

From Humble Beginnings

I’m still working on that there project, its slow going, but that’s fine with me because I want it to turn out right.  Its nice to have something to fall back on between Christmas gifts and custom orders, and this yarn is so luxurious and wonderful that its always a treat to work on the project.

Here’s what the beast is growing into:

Mmm basketweave

I was a tad worried about running out of yarn and so I decided to go ahead and get some more.  I ended up deciding to purchase two more balls of the Plymouth Suri Merino rather than just one, and so I will count it as 1 of my 5 Yarn Diet purchases for the next 5 months.

Oh, and speaking of the Yarn Diet, did you see over there ———->

In my side bar I’ve put a little counter so I can show you what I started with and what I currently have.  And yes, the number did jump from 250 to 260 because I found another bag of yarn that I had forgotten to count….don’t judge.  Its a problem.

I’ve overcome the first step, admitting it.

Ravelry Giveaway!

On Monday I launched my first ever Ravelry Giveaway in my group!  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out 🙂 You could win this gorgeous stuff:

scrumptious and soft and warm and lovely

Plus some surprise gifties that will come in the package to the winner!  There are a multitude of ways to enter, but the giveaway ends on December 7th at midnight (next Tuesday) and I will be drawing the winner on Wednesday.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!