FO Friday: Babies Need To Be Kept Warm

I actually finished this project last week but didn’t get photos in time for the FO Friday, so you’re seeing it this week!  The friend of a friend welcomed a baby into the family recently and a blanket was in order. 

pink v pink

I knit up this cute square one using Plymouth Encore in two colors switching them up at random intervals and doing an inch and a bit of garter endging before the bind off.  After blocking, the drape of the blanket was much drapier and the softness much softer.

I may have had a slight moment of panic whence "this is a baby girl right?" was asked in my direction. It was.

Bonus?  The yarn is machine washable.  Because its for a baby.  You gotta do that.

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WIP Thursday

I know I (and many other people) usually do these on Wednesdays, but because I started my giveaway yesterday I decided to share some of my current works with you a day late.

Soft and Warm

I received some orders recently for a young family welcoming their first child into the world.  A blanket, newborn and 6ish month old hats were requested along with hats for both parents.

And Machine Washable!

As they’re having a girl, I’ve chosen a more feminine palette of yarns that are both soft and machine washable – definitely a necessity for baby items.

What are you currently working on?