FO Friday: Another Viking Helmet

I finally finished this puppy. Once I put my nose to the grindstone, it didn’t take too long to complete but it certainly took longer for me than the past few I’ve made. I wanted to use mostly stash yarns for this one and I accomplished the feat of not having to purchase more yarn! Woo! Stash busting!

This was made for a long-time friend of mine who travels between Antarctica and Alaska primarily but makes a few trips to Denver a year and we always make the time to see each other when we can. I’m excited to see the pictures of this helmet on it’s many adventures!IMG_1791 (1)

I released the Bearded Viking Helmet in 2012 and thought that it was finally time to revamp the pattern! I’m re-releasing it this month and if you use the code viking4life you can get it for 20% now through the end of the month (that’s a good headstart on your Halloween costume)!

What are you working on? Have you finished anything lately?

Out in the World

I just wanted to share with you guys today my little inclusion in the latest Yarnwise Magazine!

My Bearded Viking Helmet was included in their Indie Patterns section with some fabulous company and I am totally thrilled!

I haven’t been able to find a copy of the magazine in my new state, but if you’ve seen it check out pages 56 and 57 to see some Strange Knits.

Yarnwise is a UK based magazine, but even if you’re in the states that can be found in some retailers that sell magazines along with Twitter and Facebook.

A Hord of Vikings

Since I released the Viking Helmet Pattern, it swiftly became my best seller.  I want to thank each and every one of you who has bought a pattern from me at any time, I appreciate the support and you’re allowing me to continue doing something that I love to do!  I’m hoping to make a career out of this and each time I sell a pattern, it brings me closer to my goal.

Ok, enough with the sappy, back to The Hord.

I really do enjoy (as I’m sure many other designers do) seeing pictures of other knitters’ versions of my patterns!  Here I’m showcasing a few of the Vikings, for more click through to the pattern page.

Viking Princess!

by ebargoum

she wore it to the game!

by cahalvorson

he won the costume contest

by legknits

Beared Viking Helmet Pattern – Released!

I’ve been waiting a long time to finally bring you guys this pattern and today’s the day!


The hat is great for using different yarn weights, needle gauges and techniques and none of the pieces are extremely difficult to make.  It would make a great introductory project for bobbles and short rows and it gives you the cutest finished project 🙂

Don’t forget to invite the Vikings to your next BBQ

Perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season, perfect for treating yourself and perfect for creating your own Halloween costume that will keep you warm!

What if your boss were a Viking?

The pattern and more details are available on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy (and if you don’t knit but want your own, check this out!).

Time for a nap