WIP Wednesday: Olive Garden

The Olive Garden shawl is growing bit by bit.  I haven’t had a ton of time to knit lately, mostly on my walks to and from work and occasionally in the evenings.  I’m just beginning the fourth eyelet row and enjoying the slow but squooshy growth.IMG_0735

The yarn is Bittersweet Woolery’s Star Dust Lace (the same yarn I used for my Compass Rose Shawl) and I think it’ll go perfectly with the bright yellow beads I’m planning to use on the lace edging.IMG_1392

I almost wish I started using the beads earlier, on the eyelet parts of the shawl, but I don’t want to rip it back now and put them in, so I’ll just wait for the end.IMG_0733

(the above beer color kind of matches the bead color) I originally made “knit something beaded” one of my 2014 goals and although I started this shawl in 2014, I neither finished it nor got to the beaded part during that calendar year…Knitter Fail.

What are you working on this week?  Have you ever knit a beaded thing?

WIP Wednesday: New Projects!

Man oh man, it seems like all of my WIP Wednesdays lately have been projects that I’ve talked about for weeks or even months.  But not this week!  No siree. I’ve got some new things to share this week.IMG_4731

Two new things to be exact. Last Thursday I cast-on for one of my 2014 Goals projects – something beaded.  I’ve had the yarn and the beads ready for….oh…about a year now? And I figured no better time than the present to this baby started so that perhaps I can finish it in the year I deemed it a goal. I’m planning to make the Olive Garden shawl.  So far I’m in the luscious garter section and I love how the lace weight yarn is working up in this cozy stitch.IMG_4732

The yarn is Bittersweet Woolery’s Stardust Lace (I’m using the leftover yarn from my Compass Rose Shawl for this) and the beads are a super fun bright yellow!IMG_4689

Friday during our “lunch break” Hannah and I cast on for our little KAL – a cardigan that will be revealed soon so I can’t say too much but let me tell you, the yarn is awesome!  We’re both using Hikoo Rylie, hers in the Periwinkle colorway and mine is in the Kelp colorway.IMG_4734

What are you working on this week?  New stuffs?  Old stuffs?

FO Friday: Finally Found My Way

This shawl, man, this shawl took some time and persistence.  IMG_7343

I started working on the design over a year ago after chatting with Tina and combining some of our ideas.  The shawl was released as a Mystery KAL last fall and that was not without hiccups (for which I am forever embarrassed) and I’ve knit and reknit this shawl twice in it’s entirety with many inches additionally frogged and reknit (those were mostly designer-errors, thinking “I know the pattern and therefor don’t actually have to read.” ha. learned my lesson on that one).

look at those points, aren't they fabulous?
look at those points, aren’t they fabulous?

After the shawl has been blocked and the stitches are playing nicely, I’m loving the fabric even more.  I’ll probably wear this as a bulky, drapey scarf when going out casually, but it would also look great over a little black dress.  IMG_7355

It’s so pretty, it even makes an awesome shadow.IMG_7362

Linking up with Tami!  What have you worked on this week?

The Score

Can you believe that I only came home with a single skein of yarn from Rhinebeck?

Seriously.  Just one.

I almost don’t believe it myself, I had planned on treating myself to more but I think I got overwhelmed with all of the choices and then on Sunday (my designated shopping day) I was distracted with having to make it to the airport on time and such.

Canoptic Clay in Afterglow

The yarn I did come home with though was from Bittersweet Woolery (of course) and it is the most gorgeous tonal-ish brown shade of Canoptic Clay in her Afterglow base.

Let’s just say that this yarn will match well with the leftover yarn from the Compass Rose Shawl to become another beautiful design in the near-ish future 😉

Compass Rose Stole Pattern Now Available!

The KAL that Bittersweet Woolery and I were hosting in her group is now wrapped up and you know what that means?  The pattern is available for everyone!

The length is easily adjusted by adding more repeats of certain patterns

The KAL wasn’t the smoothest of experiences, there were some issues with the pattern (I think my computer “unsaves” a lot of my work sometimes) and I think this hindered participation, but I think it was a great experience, I learned a lot and I do think I’ll host more in the future!


Pick up your copy of the stole pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy or Etsy and share your own version of the stole!

Finishing Up Clue 3!

I’ve got some not-so-great shots of my current stole, it rained all night and day yesterday which, while a pleasant interruption of the norm, rendered grey skies and poor lighting.  Great knitting weather though!

Clue 3, growing nicely

I’m finishing up clue 3 in these photographs, I started the little points about a row late (Lazy Designer Syndrome) and, having ripped back at least 3 times earlier that day they were started, decided just to fudge them a smidge where necessary.

crumply lace, stacked cakes, it’s like a wedding!

As you have seen/can see, I’m using two cakes of Bittersweet’s Star Dust Lace in Merfolk.  The two cakes differ slightly so I’m knitting two rows of one, two rows of the other to blend them and I think it’s working out perfectly.

Are you partaking in this KAL? How is your stole coming along?

WIP Wednesday: Mystery KAL Pattern

This week I’m sharing pictures of the stole, the sweater has only a little sleeve progress and to be honest I’m worried I’ll run out of yarn!

crumply, bumpy, wavy lace

I’m working on the 3rd clue that went out on Sunday, with the new job and everything going on it’s slow moving but I love the yarn (by Bittersweet Woolery) and I love watching the pattern emerge 🙂

Teaming up with Tami again!

Compass Rose Stole

So the Mystery KAL is underway and I’m excited by the progress all of the participants are sharing! I love seeing the design knit up in different colorways and I’m even knitting another too 😀

it even waves! like the ocean!

The stole pattern is available for purchase but won’t be released to the public until early October when the KAL is over.  If you choose to purchase the pattern between now and then, it will arrive in your inbox as soon as it is available!

Mystery KAL – Compass Rose Stole

In case you haven’t heard, Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I have been collaborating for lots of a few months on a design using her yarns.

The time has come for us to launch this special design and what better way than to host a Mystery KAL?  I know I’ve been teasing you for months and now you can find out for yourself what the design looks like!

It’s coming soon!

Tina will be hosting the KAL in her new Ravelry group (don’t forget to give mine some love too 😉 ) and you can get the required yarn from her and a discounted pattern from me. Until August 10, the pattern will be discounted 50%  and after that it will be released to the public at the beginning of October.

The first clue will be sent out on August 12 and one every week after that for 5 more weeks (6 total).

More information can be found in Tina’s Press Release 🙂

Mystery KAL Coming Soon!

I’ve been teasing you with it for months and really, that’s not going to change.  Instead, Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I will be hosting a mystery KAL so you can unravel the final design yourselves!

undulating waves of yarn

In a thread in her newly-created Ravelry Group, Tina gives a few details about the KAL to whet your appetite, I only want to further her mission and get ya’ll as excited as we are about this collaboration 🙂