Braided Slouch Class at Yarn & Coffee

The past two Saturdays I’ve spent at the cutest yarn store teaching some awesome knitters how to work cables!IMG_8077

We used my Braided Slouch Pattern as the foundation for the class so that in addition to learning how to work cables and clever decreases, the students also had a finished piece.IMG_8085

I love teaching in this store, the front sun room is perfect – there is enough space, a big table, perfect natural lighting and plenty of pretty things to look at.  Not to mention the coffee, pastries and yarn in the next room.IMG_8067

And all of the knitters learned how to cable, fix common mistakes and decrease in pattern!  I think that learning how to fix mistakes in a new technique is almost more important than learning the technique itself sometimes.IMG_8074

I had a really great time and I hope that the students did too, I could teach everyday and still be excited about it!  I love meeting new people and sharing what I’m passionate about, and I always learn something new too – new ways to explain different techniques, new ways to teach, new ways that different knitters think about or “see” the knitting – it’s so much fun!IMG_8147

Interested in taking my next class on stranded colorwork with my Fresh Chroma Slouch?  It’ll take place at Yarn & Coffee the first two weekends of May – I’ll have another post with more details soon!

FO Friday: Braided Slouch

I finished my second Braided Slouch shortly after the cruise we took on Sunday and I’m totally in love with it!  I love the color, first and foremost, but I love the drape and the weight, it sits perfectly on my long, straight hair.  I find that I look best in slouchy hats, they don’t give me as much hat hair, if I wear them all day, and because I have bangs it prevents them from getting squished over my eyes or tucked and odd-looking post-wear.IMG_7433

This hat was fun to knit a second time around, and even with sock yarn and smaller needles, it seems like it flew off!  IMG_7434

Linking up with Tami, as usual!  What did you finish this week?  Are there any patterns that you like to knit over and over again?


A Sunday Cruise

I know it’s not Sunday, but the WIPs that I have right now I can’t show you (except for this picture….sorta).DSCN1688

This past Sunday my guy and I went with some other folks for a cruise through the El Malpais Conservation Area to a little town called Pie Town.  DSCN1689There were about 20 cars in our troupe, so stopping for gas or at the Good Pie Cafe generated a fair amount of interest from passersby (most of the cars had also been enhanced in some way, so I’m sure that worked towards the same end).

DSCN1687After grabbing some Green Chile Apple Pie, we were paid a visit by The Stool Bus (hilarious, for sure).  DSCN1690

La Ventana, a natural arch, was a neat thing to see, especially in New Mexico!  It was kind of like an arch-cave, super cool.DSCN1706

Of course I took some knitting (you don’t expect me to sit in the car and do *nothing* do you?), most of the roads were pretty bumpy and this was really the only clear photo I got.DSCN1698

This is my second Braided Slouch that I mentioned last week.  It’s since been completed and should show up here on Friday if I can get decent pictures of it.

Where was the last place you ventured out to?

WIP Wednesday: Just the Beginnings

I don’t have too much on the needles right now, but I am blocking and finishing some awesome things!  One of my newest projects is the result of a productive trip to Santa Fe last week in which I visited a brand new yarn store opening this Friday.IMG_7341

I’m making another version of my Braided Slouch, this time using Happy Feet in a gorgeous, deep wine color.  It may or may not be headed for stardom as the shop sample and also a promoter for an upcoming class.  IMG_7340

I’ve not worked with Happy Feet before although I have another skein in my stash that I’ve been swatching with, trying to find the perfect stitch for it.

Linking up with Tami again!  What are you working on this week?