FO Friday: A Fun Piece of Desk Flair

In addition to all the other projects I’ve been knitting, I also have been working on this cute project to decorate my little desk space at work.IMG_4599

I knit a super long i-cord out of some white KnitPicks Swish then added little triangles in various weights and colors to destash a bit, add some color and keep it interesting.  The fun part about the colors is that they all represent a different, former-project and different times in my life – that’s the beauty of stashbusting!IMG_4596

That yellow is some wool I dyed myself circa 2008 with turmeric.  The darker purple is leftovers from this hat.  The orange is leftover from this great vest.  The red was leftover from a Christmas gift or two.  The light green and purple-y green are from these mitts.  The pink is leftover from a pair of mitts I made so long ago they aren’t even on Ravelry.  The darker green was the tail end of the yarn used for this hat.  It’s like jumping back through time or looking through a scrap book!IMG_4600

(That elephant I made a few years ago, his name is Wallis!)

My desk was pretty severely lacking in personality and “happy” and I think this little project puts me in a better place to get stuff done everyday!

Do you knit things that aren’t going to be worn?  How is your desk space decorated (at home, or at the office!)?