A Few Quick Weekend FOs

After wrapping up a long-term project (that I’ll talk about more on Friday!) I wanted to knit up some quick, mindless, instant-gratification projects.  Saturday afternoon I cast on for a new hat at Knitting Brew Crew and managed to finish it before we left the brewery!IMG_20140301_143125

Sunday I started and finished this chunky lace cowl:IMG_3241

(it’s really hard to get an accurate photo of this yarn, it’s a beautiful, complex blue with pink fibers and other bright colors throughout)

Huge needles (huge in comparison to the little ones used for the other project) and chunky yarn were definitely some welcome features to have this weekend.

Both projects have been blocked and will be added to the Etsy shop.  I can’t design anymore, given my current position at work, but I can continue to knit things and sell those!

When you finish time-consuming projects do you like to offset them with quick knits too?

FO Friday: Molly

I never said 2014 was going to be The Year of Monogamy and it certainly isn’t starting out that way.  After I had to put my lace lace-weight sweater on hold until I could find more needles, I cast on for a different project.  I wanted to have something that was quick, easy but not too easy, and used a yarn in my stash I’ve been wanting to use for some time.

I landed on making my mustard Shepherd’s Wool into a Molly hat and I swear to you people, this is the perfect knitting marriage.IMG_20140108_075054_702

This yarn has just the right body and elasticity to carry off the Molly texture and I think everything about it is perfect.  The yarn feels like butter (not the greasy kind, the really rich, velvety kind) and the stitch definition looks fan-fucking-tastic, dontcha think?IMG_20140108_075059_880

It’s been difficult to get good photos this winter, as I’m sure you’re all experiencing as well, please excuse the sub-par quality of these!

Linking up with Tami! Have you finished anything in 2014 yet?