FO Friday: The Cascades Pullover

It’s done and it fits and I love it! 

This was a thoroughly fun pattern for me, I was able to memorize the chart patterns quickly which made this a good, portable project. I should have done the sleeves first because, I’ll be honest, working all that waffle stitch after doing the interesting body was a bit of a drag. 

The Shepherd’s Wool was, again, fantastic. I’ve used this yarn (in this exact color, even) before for my Molly hat and knew it’d make an excellent sweater. It’s warm without being bulky, the stitch definition is excellent and it’s so so so soft.

Mods: I added waist shaping to better fit my pear shape. To do this, I started with the stitch count for the second size and decreased in the waffle stitch sections to get the numbers for the first size for my chest. I made the sleeves according to the second size because I don’t like tight upper arms or underarms. I added in a few extra decreases in the raglan shaping to finish off the yoke as the first size.

(yea, those are alpaca behind me. and mountains. it’s ok to be jealous)

What have you been working on lately? Any FOs to share?

WIP Wednesday: So Close Yet So Far

The Cascades continues to grow but with 2 days until I leave for my girls’ weekend with my momma, time is shrinking.IMG_3198

Luckily the number of stitches on the needles is shrinking too. Not quite as fast as I’d prefer but it IS decreasing with every (other) round. At least the knitting is interesting, I do love the textures still and shaping is always a fun part of knitting for me.IMG_3203

I’ve had to mod the raglan decreases a tiny bit because of my need to make the arms a bit wider (I don’t like tight sleeves in the bicep area or tight underarms) but I think I’m on track to finish this up with the numbers for the smallest size. Fingers crossed I can bang it out before hitting the road and heading to Salida!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: A Little Help on the Sleeve

I’m working on the first sleeve of my Cascades and enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed knitting the body. It’s coming along quickly but I’m considering casting on the second one just so that it’s started and I don’t get a bout of Second Sleeve Syndrome. That stuff’s serious bidness and I don’t want to tempt fate.IMG_3119

Lisa is always around – she lays under my desk when I’m working, everytime I get up to go anywhere so does she and, of course, she feels the need to participate in my picture-taking. She even has her own hashtag (she’s so hip). Her hair is basically all over all my clothes anyway, why not just work it into the garment while it’s being knit up, right?IMG_3126

What you working on this week? Do you have pets who participate in your every move?

WIP Wednesday: The Last WIP Post of 2015!

The only project I’m working on these days is the Cascades pullover by Michele Wang from the BT Fall 2015 collection. I’m still in love with the yarn and the pattern is knitting up beautifully!IMG_3116

Over the Christmas holiday I helped my momma get started on hers too and it sounds like she’s figured out the charts and things are moving along. The only modifications I’m planning to make so far is a little bit of waist shaping – I’ve already done one round and only need to decrease 4 more stitches to (hopefully) get an A-line shape that fits the way I’m envisioning.IMG_3117

What are you working on this week? Any big knitting plans for the New Year?

WIP Wednesday: Cascades Begins

I accidently started my Cascades sweater last week…..really! All I wanted to do was practice the Ribbed Cable Cast On it calls for and somehow the appropriate number of stitches ended up on my needles and then I just had to see how the ribbing grew out of it. Honest.

Isn’t it perfect? The cast on really is gorgeous – and not difficult to do! I’m glad to have another awesome cast on method in my toolbox, you never know when you’ll need it.IMG_3071

The yarn I’m using is Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool in the Autumn Gold colorway. I’ve actually used this yarn (in this color, even) before for my Molly hat and it’s held up really well and is still one of my favorite hats. I know this yarn is going to make an awesome, warm and so soft sweater.IMG_3067

The pattern itself is easy to follow and I’m not even referring to the charts anymore which makes this knitting much more portable and easy to pick up on a whim.

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Swatchin’

This weekend I was able to finish all of the projects I had on my needles, can you believe that? Me neither. Pretty crazy. The finished projects will all get their day on the blog soon but Wednesdays are for sharing current works in progress and so that’s what we have – pre-works in progress.

IMG_3027I’m swatching for two different tops right now out of two totally different yarns and, incidentally, having the same problem with both.IMG_2009

The first is the Cascades Sweater by Michele Wang. My momma and I are going to knit some of these for our next KAL and we’ve chosen to use Shepherd’s Wool – mine in the Autumn Gold colorway and hers in the Granite colorway. The first swatch I knit up on US 7’s as the pattern suggested but my gauge was too big so I re-knit on US 6’s and the row gauge changed quite a bit more than the stitch gauge did. I may need to do a little math to get the sweater to work with this gauge but I’d rather do it up front than end up with a pullover that doesn’t fit well!IMG_2851

The second sweater is the Hualpa Kimono by We Are Knitters out of their Cotton Yarn. Again, I knit my swatch on the recommended needle size (US 8’s) and had to go down to a US 7, but, AGAIN, the row gauge changed more than the stitch gauge! I do like the fabric though so will just make a few modifications to make it work for me.IMG_2848

The importance of swatching is a big one and ya’ll should do it before you make things that need to fit (like sweaters and the like). Knitting a swatch two or three times over is far quicker than knitting a sweater two or three times over!