FO Friday: Citron Numba Three

The Citron is done and has been shipped off to my momma (she should be getting it today even!).

in all its grandeur

This was the third Citron I’ve knit and the second I’ve knit for my mom.  I’ll quite probably make more as I think the pattern is wonderful and the resulting neck-piece is so versatile.

So drapey and gorgeous!

Now I’ve got to start other knitting projects!  I’m hoping to get some more accessory patterns out there, what do you think?  Anything in particular you’d like to see?

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Memorial Weekend Adventures

Happy Tuesday everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day weekend filled with fun and family, but don’t forget the real reason we celebrate this holiday 🙂

My weekend was absolutely filled to the brim with friends, fun and food.  The adventures started Wednesday night at a wine bar in Boulder called Cuvee listening to Lea Holz and Steven Quiry play some very pretty music.  Of course, the Citron came with me.

Traveling Citron

The college nationals for Ultimate Frisbee were being held in Boulder this year as well, so some friends and I went to visit that on Friday and we watched some phenomenal Ultimate being played.  That night, I went to another show in Boulder before meeting some friends who came into town to celebrate a birthday with us for the weekend as well.

While meandering through downtown Denver with those friends this weekend, we happened upon some of the coolest yarn bombing I’ve ever seen in real-life.


There is a big construction area by the train tracks downtown and some guerrilla knitters and crocheters have adorned the protective fence with flowers and other foliage in various colors, sizes, heights and shapes all along the fence-line.  It really does distract from the eye-sore that most construction causes.

And Sunday night we went down to the river to see the Fire Dancers and happened upon a fireworks show as well.  It was a pretty spectacular sight, to see them both, although my camera obviously decided it was going to be selfish and keep only the good shots for itself so that you all just have to come to Denver for a visit yourselves to see the real thing.

playing with fire

What did you do with your weekend?

WIP Wednesday: SCDD

Same Citron. Different Day.

I actually am very much enjoying the Citron because it allows me to hang out with my friends and engage in conversation and adventures with plenty of mindless stockinette but every few rows something new pops up and my attention is drawn back to the project again.  This will be the third Citron I’ve knit and probablydefinitely not the last.

Its been cloudy since I got up here, sorry for the less-than-colorful photo, although it does represent the colors fairly well...

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WIP Wednesday: Another Citron and a Swatch

Happy Wednesday everyone!  My post will have to be quick today, I’m still unpacking and I have a friend coming over in a bit to have some catch-up and girl time but I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on lately in between all the crazy stuff and the moving and graduating and what not.

Leetle beginnings

While I was spending time with my family on Friday celebrating, my Mom pulled out some gorgeous yarn from Lisa Souzain the Mardi Gras colorway and Knitty’s famous Citron pattern.  I started helping her with the pattern and showing her which stitches to pick up at the beginning and, as these things usually go, I took the Citron home with me and I’ll mail it back to her when I finish hehe.

sorry for the shoddy photo, its been cloudy since I got to Colorado!

I also have a gauge swatch, and you know the sad part?  I haven’t even measured it yet.  I’ve just knit the thing, with the intentions of measuring it and getting started on this big project that needs to be finished by Christmas.  Maybe I’ll actually measure it while I’m having girl time with my lady friend…Who knows!

The swatch is nice looking, so now I just need to do the actual project...

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Busy Times

I apologize for having been a bad blogger lately!  I knit for three days straight at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and to be honest, I haven’t knit a stitch since till today!  I know right? Bizarre.

But.  I did have the gentleman who requested the Max Suit over the other day to try it on and it fit thank goodness!  I was a wee bit concerned there thinking ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too small!’ then switching too ‘Oh no, it’s going to be too big!’

I know, not the best picture but really! the guy wouldn't hold still!

Of course, it still needs to get half of one foot finished, both arms, the knucks on each hand, the soles sewn on, some ears and a tail.  All in all though, it’s almost done!  It’s too big to truck to classes with me, so I can’t knit on it whilst learning new knowledgable  things but I started a Citron identical to my other one this morning.  While I was home over the summer, my mom fell in love and since it was her birthday yesterday I’m making it for her present 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for today, I promise to be a better blogger and a better knitter!