Upcoming Classes!

I’m excited to share with you all that I’ll finally be teaching again!

Not only will I be teaching, I’ll be doing so at one of the cutest new breweries in Denver – Grandma’s House.  This place combines some of my favorite things and if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time at all, you know that I truly appreciate my beer and knitting time.  I’m so thrilled to be sharing things I’m so passionate about.

I’ll be offering a class on Beginning Knitting on November 12th and 19th – this will be a 2-part class in which we’ll learn basic knitting techniques and students will walk away with a small scarf and hat perfectly sized for a beer bottle.  More details can be found here.

The second class will be Intermediate Knitting in which we’ll learn how to knit a sweater using a common construction – top down with raglan sleeves.  Again, this project will fit your beer bottle!  More details can be found here.

What sorts of classes would you be interested in taking?  I’m hoping to continue to offer unique and fun classes and I’d love to hear from you which topics you want to learn!

Another Class In The Books!

The past 2 weekends I’ve spent Saturday afternoons doing something I totally love to do – teaching knitting students a new technique!IMG_8926

I taught stranded color work using my Fresh Chroma Slouch pattern at Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe, New Mexico.IMG_8931

Seeing the hat worked up in so many different color choices – raiders, classic, modern – they all look great and give the hat totally different a feel.IMG_8927

One of the hardest things to learn when taking on stranded knitting is learning how to float the yarn at the correct gauge.  A little blocking really does wonders for a stranded work, but if your floats are too tight, no amount of blocking can work out the puckering that is likely to occur.IMG_8922

My next class will be based around my Sweet Summer Rays shawl and will give beginners a good shawl experience!  It will take place on June 1st and 8th, from 1-4pm.  If you’re in the area, call Yarn & Coffee to sign up!

Braided Slouch Class at Yarn & Coffee

The past two Saturdays I’ve spent at the cutest yarn store teaching some awesome knitters how to work cables!IMG_8077

We used my Braided Slouch Pattern as the foundation for the class so that in addition to learning how to work cables and clever decreases, the students also had a finished piece.IMG_8085

I love teaching in this store, the front sun room is perfect – there is enough space, a big table, perfect natural lighting and plenty of pretty things to look at.  Not to mention the coffee, pastries and yarn in the next room.IMG_8067

And all of the knitters learned how to cable, fix common mistakes and decrease in pattern!  I think that learning how to fix mistakes in a new technique is almost more important than learning the technique itself sometimes.IMG_8074

I had a really great time and I hope that the students did too, I could teach everyday and still be excited about it!  I love meeting new people and sharing what I’m passionate about, and I always learn something new too – new ways to explain different techniques, new ways to teach, new ways that different knitters think about or “see” the knitting – it’s so much fun!IMG_8147

Interested in taking my next class on stranded colorwork with my Fresh Chroma Slouch?  It’ll take place at Yarn & Coffee the first two weekends of May – I’ll have another post with more details soon!

Recap: Knit & Sip

Tuesday evening I taught 9 brand new knitters a post-apocalyptic life skill.  Call me an enabler, a pusher, heck, a dealer even, but this is one addiction that’s laden with benefits.

The goal was to tech them how to make a tiny scarf and hat set to adorn their favorite (alcoholic or non) bottle. (Mine happen to be of the alcoholic variety).DSCN1607

I really do love teaching knitters, my nervous excitement is too positive a feeling.  Any negative nerves were induced by driving and parking anxieties (a topic for another time…or not).

The class was held at a coffee and booze shop called Hooked on Colfax in Denver and although I’d never been to this venue before, I totally love it and would hang out there regularly were it not for the aforementioned anxieties because it is so far from where I currently live.  DSCN1619

Around 6, the students started rolling in and once everyone was seated with their beverage of choice, we began.  DSCN1622 DSCN1621 DSCN1620

By the end of the evening, many had half a scarf completed and they all had personal charm from the colors that were chosen, to the creative increases and decreases that are standard amongst first (second, third, fourth, twenty-eighth) timers.  Some even had finished pieces:DSCN1623

I hope the students had as much fun as I did, really really.  Learning to teach is almost as difficult as learning the thing being taught, constructive advice is always welcome!

Knit & Sip – A Class

Frequently I hear folks say that they wish they could knit when they find out what I do.  I’ve taught many a man and woman, and now I’m teaching a class through the brand-new and awesome Tentiko!

Next Tuesday, December 11 between 6 and 8pm, I’ll be teaching a basic knitting class at Hooked on Colfax. 

Students don’t need to have any prior experience and materials are provided.  At the end of the class, students will have a scarf and (possibly) hat fit to decorate a wine bottle!  Spots on the class are limited, and they’re filling up super quickly (yay!) so if this is something you’d like to learn just in time for the holidays, go sign up now and I’ll see you next week!

Children’s Knitting Classes

Fall is a pretty typical back-to-school time and knitting classes aren’t excluded!  I will be teaching children’s knitting classes at The Recycled Lamb in Lakewood, CO onThursday afternoons throughout the month of September and I’d love to teach your munchkin how to begin this addictive and therapeutic past-time/hobby/sport*.

Be sure to sign up soon! Classes begin next week!!

I hope this develops into more classes being taught and lots of new fiber-y friends and yarn-y connections 🙂

*sure knitting can be a sport, its called speed knitting, haven’t you heard?