WIP Wednesday: A Project of Warrior Proportions

Happy Hump Day!  The week is half over and the weekend is coming.  I’ve got a few different projects on the needles right now including the scarf from last week, a new hat on needles (still in baby phase) and a helmet that I’ll share the details with once I get over my frustration of uneven sewing jobs that I was too anxious to complete and now have to dis-complete (it’s a word. I’m too frustrated with the project for it not to be a word).

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WIP: What Doesn’t This Hat Have?

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  I’ve been knitting like a fiend every chance I get to try to crank out orders and work on Christmas knitting and knit a bit more stock for my upcoming show, it’s crazy!

Today I’m sharing with you a hat that was ordered by a friend of mine.  He wanted it to be slouchy, with a pompom, colorful, unique and have earflaps.  What else could you put on a hat?

Definitely a One-Of-A-Kind

I finished up the knitting portion of the hat on Monday evening but as it is not 100% complete I thought it fair to share with you what I have 🙂

To read more WIPs and share your own, check out Tami’s blog!

WIP Wednesday: Something Colorful

I came down with some kind of nasty illness over the weekend and have been feeling very under the weather the past few days (I really do not have time for this, especially with finals and graduation!) so I’ve hardly had any knitting time, but I do have a small WIP to share with you today!

something secret, something colorful

I can’t really tell you much about this project as its kind of secret, but just as soon as it’s finished I promise to tell you all about it!  I’m using a bunch of scrap yarns in various colors, all about worsted weight to make this piece and I’m really excited with how its turning out so far 🙂

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WIP Wednesday: Another Chevron Bag

Welcome back to another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna participate?  Skip on over to Tami’s Blog to join the fun 😀

Ok, this week my WIP is another Chevron Bag because the first didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  Which I’m actually ok with, I’d much rather to it right and get what I want, so I don’t mind doing it again.  And, I want the pattern to be perfect too 🙂

new colors!

Because I used up about 4 different colors in the last bag and had to scour the stash for more wool, the color scheme on this version is totally different, which, again, I love.

using bigger needles too, much better drape

I’ve already used up….one…two…five balls of wool with version and I’m not even done yet!  It feels great to go into my little widget over there —> and lower the number of skeins in my stash 😀

What are you making this week?


I was browsing through my Etsy Favorites this morning and had to wipe some drool off my chin after seeing these beautiful, colorful fibers:

I would love to see a real Alpaca Rainbow

From YarnbyAshleyB, the Handspun Alpaca Rainbow

FAB-ulous! (said in a high pitch with lots of inflection)

From Fabulosity, the Fabubatt No. 2

I’m really feeling all of the bright colors, probably to ward away the cold weather that has finally decided to grace Southern New Mexico.  Yes, it does get cold here, I promise, it just happens a lot later and for a shorter time period than anywhere else.  Although I like fall, I wasn’t entirely prepared for its arrival and I’m clinging the flip flops and snowcones of summer.