FO Friday: Hualpa Kimono

Guys, this post has been a long time coming! (We got finished project photos while we were slacklining so ignore my funny faces and weird stances!)

I hardly made any mods with this pattern – I did add a few rows of garter to the neck edge along the back piece, I didn’t like the way it rolled and you could see the wrong side of the work there. Other than that, I followed the pattern directly as written!

I really like the colors, especially how vibrant the blue is. My biggest beef with the wearability is that it slides off my shoulders very easily – I think I’ll add an icord or crochet chain between the shoulder seams to try and keep it in place a bit better.

Do you have any finished projects this week? What spring/summer knits have you got going?

WIP Wednesday: Almost There!

I debated writing this post today. These fronts are so close to being finished that I kind of wanted to wait and surprise you all next week with the finished kimono!

As of this picture, these fronts are only a few rows away from being bound off, then it’s straight into a bath and block, then seams, little armhole edges and fringe and it’ll be done! Writing it out like that makes the process seem long but I don’t think it’ll take more than an hour to seam, maybe an hour for the armhole edges and probably another hour for fringe – soooooo T minus 3 hours + blocking time? That’s so quick, right?

Aaannndddd it doesn’t look like I’ll be in danger of running out of any of the yarn!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Quiet Week Around These Parts

Sorry for the radio silence you guys! I had full intentions of blogging last Friday and this Monday but, as you may have noticed, that didn’t quite happen. I’m going to my damndest not to let it happen again!

I’ve been primarily working on the Hualpa Kimono the past few days and I’m so close to being done with the back piece! I’m more than 75% of the way there and I think the fronts will be a breeze (how many times has that sentiment blown up in my face? Don’t answer that.).

And another victory I’ve reached on this project – the need to start a new ball of the blue! Woo! That surely means I’m making progress – yarn doesn’t just disappear without being knit up (don’t correct me on that one either).

Yes, I am still keeping my yarn in the original kit bag. I don’t carry it around with me as a project bag because of the size and that fact that it isn’t a flexible material but I have enjoyed keeping the spirit of the original kit alive.

What are you working on this week? Making more progress than I am I hope!

New Pattern(s!): Leaves Hat and Mitts Set

Here is the second installment of the collaboration that Kirsten Singer and I have embarked on!  This time around we focused on colorwork and slipped stitch details.IMG_7335

A slouchy beret-ish style hat and fingerless mitts featuring stranded colorwork leaves and a linen stitch border.  These patterns are sold as a set – one price for both!  The hat is written for one size that should fit most adult heads.  The linen stitch keeps the brim from getting stretched out and the larger-gauge stranded colorwork in the body of the hat adds so much warmth!IMG_7359

The mitts are written for two sizes and, again, the linen stitch cuffs are snug and hold their shape perfectly.IMG_7350

When working linen stitch, you’ll notice that the fabric is *much* tighter than normal stockinette or rib.  It may seem tight during the knitting but once you block, the Malabrigo Twist softens slightly and everything seems to let out a sigh – as if it too wanted to loosen up a bit.IMG_7369

This set can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy 🙂 Kirsten published her next pattern set today as well so don’t forget to check out her interpretation!

FO: The Polar Bear Sweater

You guys, I am so happy to finally have this to post. This sweater has definitely taken me longer than usual to finish (I started it back in September, can you imagine?!) but I’m in love with the result and I hope the recipient is too! I didn’t want to share anything like the finished details or photos until she received it because I know she reads this blog and I/we wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise.IMG_6880

The yarn is Hat Box by Mrs. Crosby Plays in the colors Squid Ink and Creme Fraiche.  This was my first time using Mrs. Crosby’s yarns and I really enjoyed this experience.  It wasn’t splitty, it didn’t bleed when I blocked the pieces, it’s soft (Merino, silk and cashmere, hello?) and will hopefully be sturdy enough to be worn and loved.  The yardage per skein is generous at 317 and I used under 7 whole skeins for the sweater (just a tad of the Creme Fraiche and less than 6 skeins for the Squid Ink – likely less than 6 skeins for the whole project in this size if you were to omit the bear motif).unnamed

Let’s just say that I’m going to knit some small, quick projects on needles larger than a US 6 for the next little while!  IMG_6890

I plan to publish the pattern for this sweater in the near future so I’ll be working on that and will have more details for you soon!

Have you finished anything lately? Something that was a long time coming? Something quick and easy?

FO Friday: The Stocking

I did happen to finish that stocking I was working on over the weekend while I was hanging out with my family enjoying my little younger brother’s graduation from college.

It’s not the greatest colorwork I’ve ever done and I see all the imperfections but I’m overall happy with it and I hope the family is as well!IMG_2326

I made up the charts for the deer and kind of made up the pattern for the entire stocking as I went along, toe-up, using stash yarn and I think it was a pretty great success!

Have you finished anything recently?

New Pattern: Fresh Chroma Slouch

I have a new pattern for you all today!  Let me introduce the colorful, the cozy, the quick: Fresh Chroma!IMG_7414

Winter is about to that point where the grey and dreary days are getting old, I want color and new life but while the weather can’t get me that yet, my yarns certainly can.  IMG_7413

Using just about half a skein of Malabrigo’s new Rastita yarn in each of the bright colorways, this hat is a great one for a quick, satisfying project. There are so many great colors to choose from, I think a more muted palette would look fantastic too!  And did I mention how incredibly soft this yarn is? I want to sleep with it (not in a gross way, just a I-want-all-the-yarn-cuddles kind of way).IMG_7411

The stranded color work comes with a simple chart and would be great practice for someone just dipping their toes into the color world but wouldn’t bore experienced color workers either.  IMG_7415

More details can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy!

Christmas Gift Round Up 1: The Deathflake Beanie

My little brother is a quintessential 21 year old male.  He skates, he snowboards, he goes to college and works his butt off holding down a job or two on the side.  He likes all things that are “cool” but totally stands out in his own way.  There was no doubt in my mind that this would be the perfect motif for him.DSCN1632

I wanted to make him something that would keep him warm while snowboarding, was unique but not *too* out there.  Something functional but not boring.

Originally I’d wanted to just do two colors, the darker and lighter blues but ran out of the lighter blue two rounds before the colorwork ended.  I had to rip back and with the help of my mister, decided to keep the skull in the light blue while starting the new “flaky” part in a rusted brown/orange color to finish off the beanie.

I used stash yarns, acquired long ago probably in the mix of pounds and pounds and pounds of fiber scored in a thrift store who didn’t know the gem contained with the 5 (five!) garbage bags I left with.  When the hat was complete, I added a crocheted border and braids at the bottoms of the earflaps.  More Ravelry details here.DSCN1639

After the knitting was done all that was left to worry about was whether or not it fit.IMG_7081

It fits!

More gift knitting round ups to come!

WIP Wednesday: Colors

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you know I’ve been obsessed with colorwork lately (Pinterest has proof too…).  This week, I’m working on some colors and I am soexcited about them

stair-stacked colors

Seriously, I was working on it last night and left it out, when I walked by it this morning I thought to myself “Ooh…pretty…I wanna – oh wait – I did that!”

even the wrong side is purty!

Sadly, I can’t share this lovely in all of it’s glory just yet, but believe me, you’re gonna love it!

colorful trails lead to a colorful landscape

What have you been working on this week?  As usual, I’m linking up with Tami!

Playing With Color

I’ve got colorwork on the brain right now and current trends aren’t hindering anything.  Ya’ll can expect color patterns, intarsia and brights in my future designs.

some of the current works

What are some of your favorite colorwork patterns?  If you’ve never tried it, why not?