Holiday Handmade

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m participating in a few craft shows this season! The next one I’ll be in is being held next Friday evening and Saturday (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) in the Sherman Event Center in Denver, CO.

one of the sooper sweeeet graphics for the show 😀

I’m so stoked to have been accepted into this show, the competition is fierce and the show is widely marketed – it was even featured in Martha Stewart!

From Fancy Tiger’s Facebook Page

I hope you’ll all swing by and say Hello 😀

Denver HaHo Round Up

I promised you pictures and a round up this week from the show I participated in last Saturday and today’s the day! 

For weeks prior to the show much of my knitting efforts had been focused on producing enough stuff to make my table full and let me tell you, it was full.  I am lucky enough to have a woodworker as a friend (and he has other new skills, didn’t I tell you?) and he very very kindly made the majority of the fixtures you see on my table.

the whole table before the show started

He made me a ball bouquet that supported my hats, he made me a scarf rack and he even made a little tree so that I could hang ornaments from it.  Generous, no? 

tree, ornaments and hats!

Without those fixtures, my table would have been quite flat.  I really like all the height I got, I think it brings the pieces to life a bit more.

blossoming ball bouquet

Overall, the show was awesome.  We got there early to set up, didn’t end up needing all the time but I was glad that we weren’t rushing at the end.  Talking with the organizers after the show, they saw more people show up in the first hour than they’re used to showing up the entire time!  Needless to say, at times the venue was packed.  Traffic was stop and go in front of our booth which can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a shopper.

scarf rack, patterns, cards, buttons and sign-in notebook

I made some awesome connections that I hope lead to future opportunities, sold some pieces and am really looking forward to taking part in more shows!