A Pair of Quickies

IMG_1522Last week I received an email from a nice Texan who wanted some shift knob cozies for his wife’s VW – the Texas heat makes the knobs so hot they burn when she’s trying to drive.IMG_1523

I whipped up these two cuties (which are incredibly hard to photograph when not actually on a knob and in use) from my old old old (and free) pattern and now they’re off to their new home! IMG_1525 IMG_1524

What are you working on this week?

FO Friday: Minion Covers

I like to alternate long-term projects with quick knits.  The sweaters are usually long-term projects (but man, do I love those!) and quick knits can vary from accessories for people and pets to cars. This time around, we chose cars.  These cute little minion shift knob covers were finished a bit ago, very rapidly, and shipped to their new home!  IMG_5346

Loosely following my shift knob cover pattern, these little guys were fun and relatively quick to make.  I hope they get a lot of use and love!IMG_5348

I didn’t even know there was a purple minion until the request came in, I guess I didn’t see the sequel!IMG_5347

What have you been making lately?

Another Non-knitting Project

This past weekend was slotted for “Finishing Projects” and “Cleaning the house” along with the other normal weekend stuff like lazing about and knitting.  IMG_4714

I’d been wanting to make this shelf system since I saw a similar thing on Pinterest a few weeks ago. IMG_4711

I immediate went out and bought the supplies – HomeDepot even cut up the boards and dowels for me so all I had to do was drill some holes with the bit they sold me and hang the thing – easy peasy, right?IMG_4701

Eh, not so much. Turns out the bit they gave me might not have been quite right for the project but with some help from my roommate, we finally got those dang holes drilled on Sunday.  After that, it was easy enough to place the dowels, attach some wire and find the perfect spot to hang it.IMG_4710

The shelf is displayed happily in my kitchen. (these sideways shots are not for artistic perspective, it’s to minimize the fact that some of the holes might not be so “in a straight line” as they should be. whatever.)IMG_4712

Does this count as one of those Pinterest #nailedit things? Oh, and of course my work was supervised, Lisa takes her job very seriously.IMG_4696

FO: A Quick Knit

After spending so much time on my other knitting projects, I just wanted something that was an instant-gratification project.

Luckily, that need surfaced around the time I had an inquiry come in about a custom version of my Shift Knob Cover pattern! (The photo below is my roommate trying to figure out what the heck this thing is)IMG_4552

This little guy knit up super quick and the pattern was easily modified to fit a more spherical knob. I added an extra increase and decrease round and I worked the decreases at the top at a slightly quicker pace to round off the top quicker.

Have you been slogging away on long-term projects?  Or are you into the instant gratification knits too?


The Epic Adventure as reached its climactic conclusion.  The Max Suit is finally complete, and not a moment too soon.  Because of recent events, I was thrown into a funk and didn’t knit for over a month.  Not a stitch.  And seeing as to how this suit needed to be completed for Halloween, this lack of knitting was a massive problem.

Humble Beginnings

It came down to a situation in which I told my friend that there is a chance his suit wouldn’t be finished on time. And you know what he said?

“I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.”

I’ll wear it one-armed, that’s cool.

This statement alone gave me the drive and determination to knit an entire arm in a single day, complete with the distractions of grocery shopping, working and moving some.

Sorry for the horrible picture quality

The result? A finished Max Suit. A hood, two legs, two soles, two arms. An adult-sized pair of footie-pajamas, basically.

Every Stitch Counts

We made a tail out of garland and found some bunny ears to put on top (Kind of lame, but totally cost- and time-efficient)

I bought 15 skeins of Berroco Vintage (Ravelry link) and ended up using a smidge less than 13, so I’ve got two full balls that I can use for other projects.  I’m going to call this yarn estimation a success, given the size of the project. There are more Ravelry details here.

This is the biggest project I have completed to date, and I am so glad I did.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I am proud of it.  What are you’re epic projects?  How did you feel during the process and after?