Holiday Handmade

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m participating in a few craft shows this season! The next one I’ll be in is being held next Friday evening and Saturday (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) in the Sherman Event Center in Denver, CO.

one of the sooper sweeeet graphics for the show 😀

I’m so stoked to have been accepted into this show, the competition is fierce and the show is widely marketed – it was even featured in Martha Stewart!

From Fancy Tiger’s Facebook Page

I hope you’ll all swing by and say Hello 😀

First Half Marathon Recap

I ran my very first half marathon on Saturday, the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathon, it was tough, but I feel good for having accomplished it!

Because the organizers set groups off in waves (with 15,000 people, how can you do it any other way?) and I had estimate a longer time for myself (which I met) I was in the next-to-last corral to start the race.  The waiting was probably one of the worst parts for me since I usually just “get up and go” when I run around my neighborhood.

Thanks to my buddy for having a phone to take this picture after the race!

During the race, my only real “issues” were dodging so many folks on the road, listening to all of their conversations and around mile 10 my gut cramped up (probably from drinking the Gatorade at the last station too fast so I could keep moving).  Other than that, I had the normal aches and pains in my knees and feet but I feel that, even though my average pace was slower than intended, I finished strong.

Comments on the Rock N Roll Race:

  • there were fewer bands than I imagined there would be (cowbells don’t count as “live music”)
  • the Expo was pleasant, I went Thursday afternoon so it was less crowded which was kind of nice
  • volunteers, and especially the Police men and women keeping us safe from getting run over, should have a smile on (like they actually want to keep us safe)
  • I love that the chip on my shoe didn’t have to be returned after the race, one less thing to worry about
  • all of the folks at the finish line were nice, smiley, helpful and made me feel like I accomplished something 😀

What I will do differently next time:

  • train more
  • bring my own music
  • have my cell phone handy in my own pack or my checked bag for post-race-finding-of-folks

Almost Time!

Yesterday, after another very long day at the cafe, I headed into Denver to check out the Rock N Roll Expo.  I picked up my race bib, swag bag and tshirt.

can’t wear the shirt till the race is complete 😀

Tomorrow I’m taking it easy, resting my feet and gearing up my head and body to do something I’ve never done before.  And with some 15,000 people no less.

I imagine you won’t be hearing much from me until next week!

FO Friday: I broke double digits!

Now, I know the title of this post seems to have nothing to do with knitting and that you’re probably confused.

Truth? This post has very little to do with knitting except that knitting is like running in that every little bit counts.

As some of you know, I’ve been training for my first half marathon, the Denver Rock n Roll Half Marathonthat’s happening next Saturday, September 22.  I’ve been struggling with training for this race for a few reasons.  Mentally, I want to do it, I want to cross that finish line and I know my muscles can handle it. Physically, thus far in the training process, I’ve been dealing with a *ton* of knee pain in my left knee, the joint pain stops me long before my muscles are tired.

shoes + tapes + foam roller = holly can run!

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I’m working with a Physical Therapist on fixing the pain and yesterday was my long run for the week.  Not only was I able to complete more than 10 miles, I did it with what I think most runners would consider “normal” amounts of pain!

superfeet make for super knees

I’m so stoked and much MUCH more confident in my abilities to cross that finish line next week.  Where I was feeling like throwing in the towel and giving up last week, now I feel like I can do anything (that involves my sneakers hitting the ground)!

What accomplishments have you achieved lately?

So Fancy

My favorite LYS, Fancy Tiger, just had their 6 year anniversary this past weekend!  I needed some swatching yarn and a knitting-people fix so I took a real shower, put on real clothes and skipped (drove) on down to Broadway to join the festivities.

phone pic, taken amidst the action

Believe me when I tell you the place was packed.  The owners, Jaime and Amber, were so generously handing out goody bags to the first 100 people who walked through the doors and I was lucky enough to snag one before scampering off through the crowds to find the perfect swatching yarn.

The line was long, yes, but it moved very quickly and when you’re in a line like that, you’re in good company and so waiting was actually enjoyable.  I also brought knitting in my purse and was able to knit while in line too (and nobody looked at me weird either! yay for yarn stores!).

Can you believe that I didn’t even open my goody bag until I got home?  True story. I broke through the staples in the car but decided it would probably be a safety hazard for the vehicles around me if I delved into the deep whilst driving.

Wanna see my loot?  Of course you do.

free tshirt (it’s so soft), free stickers, free tattoos, free fabric and free Bhedawol

As we all know, photographing reds is difficult but suffice it to say, this yarn is beautiful, the color is gorgeous, its very soft and it’s perfect for the design I’ve got in mind.

knits up beautifully

What did you do this weekend?

Long Weekend

You know those weekends where you do enough stuff and have enough adventures to fit in an entire week but really it was only three days?

I had one of those.

There was baseball to be watched
There were obscure signs to be seen

There were sights to be seen

there were roller coasters to be ridden
There was Casa Bonita to be experienced

(if you don’t know about Casa Bonita, educate yourself)

There was fooseball to be played
There were pianos to admire

And, of course, many more things that didn’t make it on camera.

And I’m taking another trip this next weekend to take advantage of the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday (New Mexico, I’m comin’ at ya!).  Perhaps I’ll sleep next month sometime.

Crafty People’s Fair Round Up

Friday night saw me doing a lot of this:

multi-tasking like a champ
  • label sewing
  • end weaving
  • last minute project starting
  • price tagging
  • music listening
  • wine drinking

Saturday saw this:

set-up was easy

And a table top mirror made by Trevor of Marrs Woodworking (he made all of my fixtures actually and I love them):

very unique piece

I think from now on I’ll stick to winter shows, even though spring isn’t entirely here in the Denver area, it’s been a warm week and hats, scarves and gloves weren’t the top choice for buyers.

Crafty People’s Fair

If you’re in the Denver area this weekend I’d love to meet you! There will be lots of prizes to be given away, I’ll have new works in my booth and all of my patterns to browse 🙂

Crafty People's Fair

I’ll be in booth 12 with Skin Poetry Photography 🙂

Denver HaHo Round Up

I promised you pictures and a round up this week from the show I participated in last Saturday and today’s the day! 

For weeks prior to the show much of my knitting efforts had been focused on producing enough stuff to make my table full and let me tell you, it was full.  I am lucky enough to have a woodworker as a friend (and he has other new skills, didn’t I tell you?) and he very very kindly made the majority of the fixtures you see on my table.

the whole table before the show started

He made me a ball bouquet that supported my hats, he made me a scarf rack and he even made a little tree so that I could hang ornaments from it.  Generous, no? 

tree, ornaments and hats!

Without those fixtures, my table would have been quite flat.  I really like all the height I got, I think it brings the pieces to life a bit more.

blossoming ball bouquet

Overall, the show was awesome.  We got there early to set up, didn’t end up needing all the time but I was glad that we weren’t rushing at the end.  Talking with the organizers after the show, they saw more people show up in the first hour than they’re used to showing up the entire time!  Needless to say, at times the venue was packed.  Traffic was stop and go in front of our booth which can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re a shopper.

scarf rack, patterns, cards, buttons and sign-in notebook

I made some awesome connections that I hope lead to future opportunities, sold some pieces and am really looking forward to taking part in more shows!