New Pattern: Paintbox Cowl

My first pattern release of 2017! This is the Paintbox Cowl and I’m in love with it.

The sample was knit out of very special hand-dyed yarn by Erban Studio on Etsy (also, go follow her on Instagram, she’s got cute dogs and fun adventures). I held onto the yarn for a little while and waited for it to tell me how to best showcase it’s colors and softness. 

I knew that with a single 400 yard skein, I wanted an accessory to go around my neck that would use as much of the yarn as possible. I’d recently knit a similar cowl and wanted to apply everything I loved about it in a slightly different shape and with more interest while knitting.

This cowl starts off like a triangle shawl knit flat and joined in the round to finish off as a cowl. I’ve got another design in my Ravelry shop that has a similar construction and I just love these! They are so easy to wear and they don’t fall off like some of my shawls do.

It’s the perfect project for using up that special skein of hand-dyed, hand-spun or speckled yarn!

New Patterns: Beer Swagger

The latest issue of Interweave Knits Gifts is full of really great patterns for, well, Gift knitting!  You know how many things gift knitting is good for?

  • stash busting
  • trying out new techniques on small projects
  • showing how much you love the recipient (even if you’re the recipient – we all need more self-love, don’t you think?)
  • instant gratification

    (c) Interweave Knits

We all know that I do enjoy a delicious, boozey beverage and for years I’ve been dressing up these treats in their own little wardrobes.  Knits Gifts now has patterns for two different sweater sizes – for all the beer, soda and wine drinkers out there, along with hats that will fit all of the above and a coozie pattern for bottled beverages.  All of those patterns can be found bundled together.

(c) Interweave Knits

You can crank out all of these projects with just 1 skein of yarn from each color!  Knit Picks Swish DK comes in a wide range of pretty colors and the yarn itself is very soft, non-splitty and great for colorwork.

New Pattern: Sailor Stripe

I’m pleased to finally announce that a shawl pattern I’ve designed for Universal Yarns has been released as part of an ebook named Contrarian Shawls, it’s also available individually.IMG_1040

Sailor Stripe is an interesting shawl that gave me the run-around during the design phase but we came to an agreement after a few arm-wrestling matches.IMG_1046

The first part, the red block, is knit with gradual increases and a chevron lace border, then stitches are picked up and knit on the bias for the larger, tan block with bright pops of red periodically thrown in as it decreases to the point.IMG_1055

I think the interesting shape of this shawl/scarf is going to lend itself to a really unique look and the color combination options are endless!IMG_1043What colors would you make it out of?


WIP Wednesday: Lots of New Things

With the completion of my last collection piece along with the grey Spring Crinkle, my needles were empty.


For almost 12 hours, a few of which I was even sleeping.

With my Pints & Purls group meeting Monday night, I had to cast on something and I chose to start a new sweater design.IMG_9872

I’ve also been working through some swatches and ideas, so hopefully you’ll see those soon too!IMG_9871

Linking up with Tami, as always!  What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday

It feels so good to have that big ol’ box sent off and that shawl pattern published.  But don’t be fooled!  The knitting still goes.  I’m actually quite happy to be back to working on this project:IMG_9655

In my head I’m calling it my “growing summer storm” because the piece is finally getting bigger (and I like it, so I won’t be ripping out. again.) and because the dark grey purple-y colors look like storm clouds to me.

This is the last project in a collection I’ve got coming out in August, so it feels awesome to be coming that milestone!  Not that the work on the entire thing will cease once the knitting does, these babies need Tech Editing, and they need it bad.

Linking up with Tami as always!  What are you working on this week?  Making progress on long-standing projects? Or starting something new and sweet?

Pattern Release: The Radish Hat

Remember that seekrit project I was talking about earlier this year?IMG_8220

The pattern has finally been released by Fancy Tiger Crafts!

The Radish Hat features simple cables and lace and knits up super quick on US 10.5 (6.50 mm) needles.  Fancy Tiger’s Heirloom yarn is quite pleasant to work with and will definitely give you a warm product in the end.

The colors are really quite pretty and varied also, and I think this hat would work up beautifully in any of the colors.IMG_8222

The two pictures of the hat in it’s final form were taken by the lovely ladies of Fancy Tiger, the others are mine 🙂

WIP Wednesday

Another week and more seekrit projects!  The deadline for a lot of these is coming up soon and I hope to be able to share them with you as soon as I get the A-ok, promise!IMG_9368

I can tell you that these yarns aren’t ones that I’ve shared with you before, they’re all totally new to me.  Also, the projects that I’ve been working so hard on lately aren’t ones you’ve seen from me before either, it’s all new stuff – new genre of patterns, new yarns, new everything!IMG_9369

Linking up with Tami, as always 🙂  Go check out all the other WIPs this week and share your own.IMG_9370

What have you been working on lately?

WIP Wednesday

I’m still working on, and making good progress with, that project from Monday.  I think my ultimate decision was just to stop trying to over-design, basically.  Just keep it simple!IMG_8947

I’m also working on another seekrit design with some gorgeous yarn and I Love Love Love how it’s working up!IMG_8925

But just yesterday, I received this in the mail…IMG_9033

Looks like I’ll be busy for a little while and will have to get back to those other projects in a bit!

Linking up with Tami again!  What are you working on this week?

Frogging Project Vlog

Happy Monday everyone!

I made this little Vlog for you to share a recent project I’ve been working on, my troubles with it, how I solved them, and a lazy knit-hack for life. (Sorry about the quality, I need to figure out a different mic or something to use)

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