FO Friday: A Scrappy Earflap Beanie

Welcome back for another FO Friday!  Want to join in and read more FO tales?  Tami’s blog has all of the details 🙂

This week I’m sharing with you a hat I featured here for a WIP and had actually finished a few weeks ago (on April 1st, no less).

love the colors!

The yarns were all stash yarns, many of them vintage, found at my local thrift store, or have been hopping around my stash for ages.  There is a variety of colors and materials; wool, acrylic, mohair, cashmere, merino, and more.  The pattern was made up on the fly, based on a multitude of other beanies that have been knit throughout my knitting career.

scrappy, textured, colorful, warm and oh-so-cool

I finished it off by crocheting a blue border around the edge and adding some braided tassels.  I’m lovin’ it and I hope my customers do too!

WIP Wednesday: A Quick Start

Welcome to my quick WIP this week!  Wanna join in?  Skip on over to Tami’s blog to join it 🙂

mmm seeds

I started this hat this morning, its another rendition of the Scrappy Beanie only the customer wants some ear flaps attached so what you’re looking at is one of the ear flaps.  I hope to finish this up fairly quickly and will hopefully get to show it to you this week or next for FO Friday!

Now, back to studying for my midterms…