Day Seven: My Knitting Time

Welcome to the final installment of Knit and Crochet Blog Week!  Day Seven is all about our knitting time, when are we most likely to craft?

My knitting is extremely portable, it goes everywhere with me.  Lately, I’ve been knitting a lot in class, because that’s where I find myself.  Knitting in class actually helps me to pay more attention to the professors and isn’t as distracting as most people assume.  My brain is always goinggoinggoing and knitting seems to tie down a piece of it enough that the rest can focus on the lectures.

Knitting in the library, whilst studying

I also do quite a bit of knitting in the car as I’ve been doing so much traveling lately.  These projects are usually smaller than the class-knitting because the cars are usually cramped with other adventurers and all of our things.

I don't often knit whilst doing the driving, but almost always whilst passengering

Naturally, I knit while watching TV and movies (all on my laptop of course, I don’t actually own a TV).  I also knit while hanging out with my friends, inside, outside, in movie theaters, at plays, in bed, at restaurants, everywhere.  Nowhere is safe from my clicking needles!

Day Six: Something To Aspire To

Hello and welcome to Day Six!  As the title suggests, today’s topic something (a skill, pattern, etc) that we hope to be able to aspire to in the future (near or far).

Aside from the obvious goals I have for my knitting future (to be able to comfortably support myself with my knitting and designing business) I have a few other bars to reach for.

  1. I’ve always wanted to make myself a pair of knee-high socks.

    Bintje-Socks by Jatta Saukko
  2. Another blanket, adult-sized
  3. A skirt
  4. A dress

    like this one, sans sleeves
  5. Design a lace shawl

I’m sure there are more things that I’d like to try, or improve upon (like my spinning)  but these are some of the things that have been on my mental knitting To-Do list for ages!

What have you always wanted to try?

Day Three: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

Welcome to Day Three!  Today’s topic is about how we organize some aspect of our knitting.

There are a lot of organizational things going on with my knitting paraphernalia:

  1. my yarn is typically arranged by color

    The "Set-Up" in my old house
  2. my straight needles are organized in this case by lenabrown
  3. my circular needles are all in ziplock bags organized by size (I took this method from my momma)
  4. my projects on Ravelry are now being organized by year, like I mentioned yesterday

So, although to the untrained eye my stash, my space and my supplies might seem haphazard, they are an organized kind of chaos 😀

Day Two: Skill + 1UP

Welcome to Day 2!  Today’s prompt was to write about something we’ve learned about knitting, a new technique, etc over the past year.

Just recently I decided to try and organize my Ravelry projects (which is by no means all of my knitting projects, sometimes I get lazy and don’t get around to posting new things) according to the year in which they were created.

This came in handy for today’s prompt and I think its quite convenient that the universe does things like this on occasion.

I can’t put my finger on any one skill that I’ve learned over the past year because I learn new things all the time whilst knitting.  I teach myself more efficient techniques for weaving in ends, or knitting lace in the movie theater, making the most out of my gauge and better ways to cable.

knitted those lace panels whilst watching Inception in theaters

One of the most improved upon aspects of my knitting has been my designing though, I would have to say.  I’m learning more efficient ways to size, how to write instructions more clearly and how to market the patterns once they’ve been published.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, what I learn and how I use the new knowledge!

A New Yarnie!

I follow Eskimimi Knits on her blog and was so thrilled to see that she is now offering vibrantly colored yarns in her Brand New Etsy Shop!

Just look at these colors!

It is so hard for me to remember that rent is due soon and that I can’t have one of each.

My favorite colors are the Grapefruit and the Swimming Pool, and I kinda think they would look nice together, don’t you?  😉

What are your favorite colors in her shop?  What would you make with them if you had the chance?