Looking Ahead to Spring – Some of My Faves (Part 1)

Even though it’s snowing outside today and we’re in the depths of January, the magazines are previewing their spring issues and I can’t help but look ahead!  Today we’ll just talk about one of them and why I find it especially appealing.

Interweave Knits Spring Issue looks like it’s going to be a good one.  Part of the fun for me, personally, looking through any of Interweave’s products (Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Knit.Purl, etc) is looking at the photos and trying to pick out where they were shot!  Living in the same state and having lived all over it (Denver, Lakewood, Golden, Loveland, Fort Collins, etc) means that I’ve been fortunate to visit a lot of different places.

(C) Interweave Knits

The story including the Timetable Pullover by Andrea Sanchez was shot in the newly-renovated Union Station in downtown Denver – a quick drive or lightrail ride from my house.  The setting and this sweater itself are beautiful.

© Interweave Knits

The story including Joan Forgione‘s Beech Leaf Shawl was shot in a pottery studio in Fort Collins called Smokestack Pottery.  This little space is so cute and fun to visit – I even have a few bowls made by the artists who work there in my collection!

© Interweave Knits

Seeing these gorgeous knits in settings that I myself have been in multiple times makes me smile.  They bring to mind happy memories with great folks.

That bowl in the background is from Smokestack, I find it makes a perfect yarn bowl!
That bowl in the background is from Smokestack, I find it makes a perfect yarn bowl!

Are you looking at spring patterns yet or do you prefer to remain in the current season?

Crazy Hail in June

Wednesday morning saw the foggy aftermath of a crazy, relentless hailstorm that was dumped on Fort Collins Tuesday night.  Most of what was on the trees (leaves, twigs, entire branches) are now littered on the ground, snow shovels were brought out to clear the way for cars and bikes (Wednesday was Bike To Work Day), and the place looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic world.IMG_4108

My poor plants didn’t make it so I’m scrambling to get some new ones in the pots.  We’ve still got time, right? I mean, last year I didn’t get my garden in until after the 4th of July.IMG_4126

My car is pocked to death and I’m sure my roof needs some attention.  I honestly haven’t looked that hard yet because I’m afraid of what I’ll find.IMG_4110

At least I have a roof even if it needs attending and it’s a good thing my pup and I were safe indoors during the whole thing, but it was a crazy one!

Have you experienced any crazy weather lately?

Fort Collins/Northern Colorado Knitting Brew Crew

My friend Hannah and I decided that we wanted to start our own version of the Pints & Purls group I started when I lived in Albuquerque (that links the the thread on Rav that keeps the group up to date, if you happen to live there and are looking to join up!).  The group started because I didn’t know anyone and I wanted to make friends.  I figured that if I could find people who like to do the same things I like to do, we’d have a greater chance of being buddies – knitting and beer-drinking is a perfect combo.IMG_0543

We’re calling our new group The Knitting Brew Crew and we’ve started a Ravelry group to keep everyone updated on the whens and wheres (please come join us!).IMG_2846

This Sunday, February 9th, will be our first meet-up.  We’re going to go to Equinox Brewing around 2pm.  Bring your crafty things and join us for a crafty beer!

Weekend Hike

The weather this past weekend was gorgeous for mid-January and so I made sure to take Miss Lisa and my camera out to enjoy it.IMG_2635

We took a little hike to Horsetooth Falls – evidently a must if you’re going to live in this area (and I am).  It was a short little thing but the heavy amounts of slush and mud made it a little slower going, plenty of slipping, sliding and ninja-esque acrobatics to keep myself and the camera out of the mud.IMG_2686

This time of year, the falls were little more than a trickle but it was still a pretty thing to see and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.IMG_2718

I highly recommend that you guys all get as much outside-time as you can whenever you can, the constant cold and grey of winter can wear on you and I’ve been feeling the affects of it for a little while. The days are getting longer and eventually warm weather will be here more consistently, but until then, I’ll take whatever I can get!IMG_2614

Have you been on any fun adventures lately?

Scoping Out My New LYS’s

This past weekend was my first real weekend living in Northern Colorado and what did I do?  Loaded the dogs into the car and headed to check out some of the local yarn scene.  ResizedImage_1384219725183

First stop was at The Loopy Ewe – hard to find but worth wandering around looking like a doofus continually checking my phone and the directories knowing that “I’m here! I’m right here!  The dot says so!” when really you’re just standing 15 feet below where you should actually be.  ResizedImage_1384219834358

The store certainly did not disappoint.  Windows everywhere let in all kinds of natural light to really show off the yarn selection’s best colors – I’m talking the best brands, the best colors, the most hard to find combinations of the aforementioned and everything else you could imagine.  Along with really nice employees and shoppers (but really, yarn crafters are the nicest folks anyway, yes?).  ft_collins_yarn_stores

Next, I visited Your Daily Fiber whom I’ve mentioned before on the blog and just knew I had to see what their little shop looked like.  I scoured the racks for the laceweight skein of yarn I lost (well, I didn’t *lose* it, per se, but it was bought out from under me! Oh the horror!) and it wasn’t there, but I’m going to keep looking everytime I visit and hopefully I’ll get lucky!  I didn’t come home empty-handed, and lucky for me, I didn’t break the bank either.IMG_1877

I picked up a single skein in the prettiest colorway of the Acadia yarn from The Fibre Company.  I’m thinking a hat for this lonely skein, it’d look great knit up in something that has light cables or lace – not too busy but not plain either.  I’m thinking foliage patterns….we’ll see.IMG_1874

Have you visited any new-to-you yarn stores lately?

Help Victims of the High Park Fire

The High Park Fire is a massive forest fire currently burning down the Rocky Mountains just west of Fort Collins, CO.  It’s burned down almost 60,000 acres in only 10 days – wilderness, homes and a life have been lost with more to come.

not my favorite part of summer – taken this past weekend on a trip to Ft. Collins

In my inbox just the other day Bijou Basin Ranch put out the call to help the victims – “a minimum of 10% of all online sales of our Bijou Spun yarns & fibers will be set aside and donated to the Red Cross’ relief efforts and the Colorado Professional Firefighters” through the rest of the summer.

the red sun, blocked out by the smoke

After having lived in New Mexico for so long and been through the Cerro Grande Fire, I have a soft spot for fire victims.  Please help in any way you can, this fire is only 45% contained right now.