Taking Back The Minetta

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning a new beginning for this project. That time has come and I’m on my way to having yarn to execute new ideas!

One thing I learned during the process is that I am a really thorough button sewer-on-er. Those pretty little silver buttons were worth saving but just removing them was a lesson in patience lest I ruin the yarn they were sewn into. And there were 11 of them.


After carefully removing all of the beautiful buttons, I came to the part of the project where I needed to frog the knitting. The best way to do this? In my opinion, use my ball winder and turn the thing back into cakes, ready to be knit.

I probably won’t be reskeining and washing this yarn before use – I know a lot of knitters do and it’s a great way to get that noodle-y look out of it. Having knit with frogged yarn many times before, I know it won’t affect my gauge all that much and I’ll be working up a swatch, washing and blocking before I begin re-knitting anyway.

What do you do when you frog projects? Do you re-wash and de-kink the yarn? Or forge ahead into noodle knitting? (Also, what do you think of the video? I don’t do video often but want to play with it a little more so any feedback is appreciated!)

Frogging Friday

No FO today, just another frogging discussion.  Different project though, so at least there’s that.IMG_8646

This is a design using Blue Sky Alpacas Silky Alpaca that I’ve been playing with for a few months and I just wasn’t loving it and wasn’t loving it and wasn’t loving it but I was trying so hard to squeeze one drop of love from my heart.  It just wasn’t happening.IMG_8655

So, there it is, in a neat, pretty little ball, waiting for it’s next attempt at a fulfilling life.

What did you finish up this week?  Anything pretty?

Frogging Project Vlog

Happy Monday everyone!

I made this little Vlog for you to share a recent project I’ve been working on, my troubles with it, how I solved them, and a lazy knit-hack for life. (Sorry about the quality, I need to figure out a different mic or something to use)

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