KAL Giveaway Winner!

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for participating and congratulate everyone who’s managed to finish their shawl, whether or not it was during the KAL period! (Hint: clicking any of the photos will take you to the Ravelry pages of the makers)

twiglee's Sweet Summer Rays Shawl
twiglee’s Sweet Summer Rays Shawl

Special mention to NMStacey who got a late start and knit her hands off to get as close to finishing the shawl as she could before time was up!

AdrialysHC's Sweet Summer Rays
AdrialysHC’s Sweet Summer Rays

The shawls in the KAL were all knit in awesome colors, some from Candy Skein and others not, but I really like how the textural differences really pop with different yarn choices

moritz52's Sweet Summer Rays
moritz52’s Sweet Summer Rays

And now, the part I know everyone is interested in, the giveaway!  According to the group thread, we had 10 participants who finished and posted pictures in the group before time was up, and the winner, chosen by Random.org, is:

kolorswkrayons' Sweet Summer Rays Shawl

kolorswkrayonskolorswkrayons' Sweet Summer Rays Shawl

I love this version of the shawl, I love the colors she chose and that, even though she had to bind off with a separate color, it all looks so deliberate and funky!

I think it’s so awesome how international the internet, knitting and Ravelry are, I know to be on the lookout when I visit Australia and keep my eyes open for a Sweet Summer Rays shawl!

Omlair's Sweet Summer Rays Shawl
Omlair’s Sweet Summer Rays Shawl

Have you made this shawl yet?  Or used any of Candy Skein’s yarns? (They’re fabulous, you totally should).


I really really quite enjoyed reading all of the comments from last week’s giveaway post– definitely learned some new things to make my patterns better and more enjoyable to knit from!

Over-Under Fingerless Mitts

By random number generator, the winner for this giveaway is Sandra!  Sandra, I’ll be in touch with you shortly and I think everyone else should check out her blog

Ninja Beanie

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you end up doing, I plan on cranking out a lot of custom orders and some Christmas knitting and hopefully some knitting for my upcoming show!  I have a four-day weekend because of the US Thanksgiving holiday and boy am I glad.

thanks again to everyone who entered and to everyone who’s ever bought a pattern from me, I sincerely strive to make this passion my full-time job and every pattern sale gets me one step closer!

A Winner!

I want to thank all of you who read my blog and/or entered my giveaway!  I loved reading all of your comments and I think the feedback will really help me propel this blog into the next year of awesome-ness 😀

Mystery Green

Much of the feedback centered around photos so I’ll be taking more and hopefully allowing them to make an appearance here.  I also plan to make a few additions/alterations to the layout as per some suggestions as well.  If you have a suggestion of some kind and didn’t get a chance to share it on the giveaway post, I’d still love to hear it!

Mystery Brown

And I’m sure you’re all curious who the winner of the yarny goodness is and according to Random.org the winner is Autumn Geisha!  Check out her blog, its gorgeous and her knits are drool-worthy.  I’ll be in contact via email so if you don’t get one from me by the end of today, shoot one my way k Ms. Geisha?