Crazy Hail in June

Wednesday morning saw the foggy aftermath of a crazy, relentless hailstorm that was dumped on Fort Collins Tuesday night.  Most of what was on the trees (leaves, twigs, entire branches) are now littered on the ground, snow shovels were brought out to clear the way for cars and bikes (Wednesday was Bike To Work Day), and the place looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic world.IMG_4108

My poor plants didn’t make it so I’m scrambling to get some new ones in the pots.  We’ve still got time, right? I mean, last year I didn’t get my garden in until after the 4th of July.IMG_4126

My car is pocked to death and I’m sure my roof needs some attention.  I honestly haven’t looked that hard yet because I’m afraid of what I’ll find.IMG_4110

At least I have a roof even if it needs attending and it’s a good thing my pup and I were safe indoors during the whole thing, but it was a crazy one!

Have you experienced any crazy weather lately?