Project of the Non-Knitting Variety

One of the more fun things about having a house is that I can make things to put in it and make it even more functional for *me*. One of the things I’ve wanted to add to the place for a little while now is a chalkboard.IMG_4550

I used an old window that already had the character and the chipping paint (and you see those kitty prints in all the dust?), but also the size was perfect for in-home use.IMG_4719

The only things I had to purchase for this were a can of chalkboard spray paint, some wire to hang it with and that little metal ring used to hold the chalk jar to the bottom – all in all, less than $5 spent on materials. Winning? I think so.IMG_4717

What are some of your favorite home DIY projects?

Holiday Handmade

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m participating in a few craft shows this season!Β The next one I’ll be in is being held next Friday evening and Saturday (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) in the Sherman Event Center in Denver, CO.

one of the sooper sweeeet graphics for the show πŸ˜€

I’m so stoked to have been accepted into this show, the competition is fierce and the show is widely marketed – it was even featured in Martha Stewart!

From Fancy Tiger’s Facebook Page

I hope you’ll all swing by and say Hello πŸ˜€

Leafgreen Handmade

I followed Linda back when she used to blog, I loved reading about her knitting and spinning adventures, and now I follow her Etsy shop, drooling over the yarns and the photographs.

Wipe your chin, I see that moisture

And I thought it might be nice of me to share her works with you πŸ™‚ (you can thank me later, when your yarn stash is so luxurious and full of handspun yarns that y0u simply can’t shove another skein in there, but you’re going to try anyway).

I just wanna smoosh it!

Who are some of your favorite handspun yarn suppliers?