Holiday Handmade Recap

This weekend was Fancy Tiger’s 5th Annual Holiday Handmade Show and I’m proud to say that I was a part of it.  Getting into the show is pretty competitive and I was shocked and honored to be chosen!  It was my first two-day show and I worked it by myself, no less.

New Pattern Organization Strategy
New Pattern Organization Strategy

Load-in on Friday afternoon went fairly smoothly, thankfully they had helpers to get things out of cars and into spaces quickly.  Set-up was stress-free (I think mostly because I’d done a mock set-up in my living room the day before) and my neighbors were awesome!  With the friendly folk of My July on one side and Colleen H Designs on the other, the two days were a breeze.

Friday's Booth
Friday’s Booth

The shoppers came and they shopped.  They lined up in front of the doors at least an hour before the show even opened!  How dedicated is that?

The Pattern Basket
The Pattern Basket

I met some super cool folks, made some friends, learned a lot, worked out my arms and legs (carrying all of your product, table, chair, displays up three flights of stairs certainly is a work out), and all-in-all had a great time! I hope to do it again next year 😀

Now, I must start preparing for my next show this Saturday.

HaHo Holiday Show
HaHo Holiday Show

Holiday Handmade

As I’m sure many of you know, I’m participating in a few craft shows this season! The next one I’ll be in is being held next Friday evening and Saturday (Nov 30th and Dec 1st) in the Sherman Event Center in Denver, CO.

one of the sooper sweeeet graphics for the show 😀

I’m so stoked to have been accepted into this show, the competition is fierce and the show is widely marketed – it was even featured in Martha Stewart!

From Fancy Tiger’s Facebook Page

I hope you’ll all swing by and say Hello 😀