WIP Wednesday: So Old It’s Basically New, Right?

This week’s project is one that ya’ll haven’t seen in a loooooonnnggg time.  I started this sweater back in….August?  I took it (this particular portion of it, in fact) on my backpacking trip in September and I think September is the last time I worked a stitch on the thing.IMG_6988

This is the first sleeve of the Pintuck Cardigan by Bristol Ivy published in knit.purl’s Fall/Winter 2014 issue and the yarn is Hikoo Rylie in Kelp.  I’m making the second size.IMG_6991

After I pulled this from the WIP basket I had to reassess where I am in the process.  I have the 70 required stitches, which means I’m done increasing and it’s about 17” long which means that basically, I have to knit another inch then start the cap shaping and it’s done!  After one more sleeve, some blocking and seaming, I’ll have another finished sweater (and this one is for me!).

IMG_6994What are you working on this week?  Feel free to share links in the comments if you’ve blogged about it!!

WIP Wednesday: Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We’re back to the sweater this week folks, the projects from last week have been wrapped up (literally) and shipped off.

Now that the preview is live, I can actually show you what sweater I’m making instead of having to be all sneaky about it!  The Pintuck Cardigan by Bristol Ivy is in the knit.purl fall issue (formerly knit.wear).IMG_5425

Hannah has already finished her sweater and it looks so fantastic on her!  She did a great job and now I just want to finish mine that much more (not to mention the weather is starting to get a little cooler and this will be the best throw-on-over-everything cardigan I’ve made yet).

What are you working on this week?