Day Five: Something Different

Hello and welcome to Day Five!  My name is Neal and I’ll be your tour guide today.

Hi, I'm Neal! *waves*

Now, I’ve been in Holly’s stash for a long time now, oh, about ten years I think and I’m not quite sure why she hasn’t found a job for me yet, but I’m going to assume that its because she’s saving me for something really special 😀

What are we touring today?  That’s a good question.  Today I’m going to show you around my town and introduce you to some of my neighbors.  Now, our neighborhoods are, in fact, separated by color, but we are not a segregated community.  Actually, we all get along great and have BBQs together complete with kickball games and snowcones.

Rerple Town

Ahh, we are at our first neighborhood, Rerple Town.  This is a great group of families, some, like the Argylle-Rainbow’s (on the left), have larger families than others while other families have some of their cousins living nearby too, like the Adrienne Vittadini’s over there on the right.  These families usually work together to make enough berry pies for the entire town and they are so good you’ll gladly give yourself a stomach ache to keep eating them.

the Forest

Here we have the Forest.  This group typically provides the salads and green-jello-stuff for the potlucks.  Some of my best friends live here and there is another extension of the Adrienne Vittadini family here as well.

the Swimming Pool

Moving right along, this part of the community is known as the Swimming Pool and, naturally, the families that live here usually bring the slip n’ slides.  Mrs. Creek there in the center of the bottom makes some of the best blueberry muffins and scones on the planet!

the Woodshed

Now, if you all walk right this way I’ll introduce you to the families of the Woodshed.  This is a large part of our population and rightfully so, who wouldn’t want more of their veggie burgers and chocolate chip cookies?  The balls and skeins who live here are usually part of smaller families or they’re single and mingling.

Over here we have the…..what’s that?  It’s time for you to catch your train?

Ok, well I hope I’ve been a good guide for you and I hope to see you come back this way!

Day Four: Where Are They Now?

Welcome to Day Four!  Today’s prompt asks that we contemplate the fate of a past knitting project.

Which project to choose?  Hmm….This is a tough one.

This hat was a custom order from a friend a few years ago (….2008 maybe?).  She wanted a lacy, orange earflap beanie with a turquoise mohawk.

Where or where has this little hat gone?

And that’s what she got.

Why did I pick this project to talk about?  Because although I’m not sure where the hat is today I do know that it went on many an adventure.  Adventures that I hope to go on someday, including a trip to Burning Man.

My adventures are not few and far between, and I don’t think that the adventures of my knits should be either.

Day Three: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

Welcome to Day Three!  Today’s topic is about how we organize some aspect of our knitting.

There are a lot of organizational things going on with my knitting paraphernalia:

  1. my yarn is typically arranged by color

    The "Set-Up" in my old house
  2. my straight needles are organized in this case by lenabrown
  3. my circular needles are all in ziplock bags organized by size (I took this method from my momma)
  4. my projects on Ravelry are now being organized by year, like I mentioned yesterday

So, although to the untrained eye my stash, my space and my supplies might seem haphazard, they are an organized kind of chaos 😀

Day Two: Skill + 1UP

Welcome to Day 2!  Today’s prompt was to write about something we’ve learned about knitting, a new technique, etc over the past year.

Just recently I decided to try and organize my Ravelry projects (which is by no means all of my knitting projects, sometimes I get lazy and don’t get around to posting new things) according to the year in which they were created.

This came in handy for today’s prompt and I think its quite convenient that the universe does things like this on occasion.

I can’t put my finger on any one skill that I’ve learned over the past year because I learn new things all the time whilst knitting.  I teach myself more efficient techniques for weaving in ends, or knitting lace in the movie theater, making the most out of my gauge and better ways to cable.

knitted those lace panels whilst watching Inception in theaters

One of the most improved upon aspects of my knitting has been my designing though, I would have to say.  I’m learning more efficient ways to size, how to write instructions more clearly and how to market the patterns once they’ve been published.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, what I learn and how I use the new knowledge!

Knit and Crochet Blog Week

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week that is organized by the talented and humorous Eskimimi, but just in case you didn’t you’ll want to follow the above link to find out more about it.

Why am I bringing it up?  I plan to participate, naturally.

It starts next week (convenient, because classwork might kill me this week and I’ll need the weekend to recouperate somewhat) and the idea is that you blog everyday for a week given certain prompts.

I’m very much looking forward to this little shindig and I hope to see you all participating!