WIP Wednesday: Racing to the Finish Line

Back to the orange cardi!  This one is taking a while but I knew it would and I’m totally ok with it, I haven’t been monogamous with this project either so that adds to the delay. I do have a self-imposed deadline now though – my momma is coming to visit weekend after next and I want to be able to wear it while she’s here!  It shouldn’t be all that hard, right?IMG_20140505_172636

I mean, all I have left is the sleeves and those are only over 64 stitches (I’m making the size large sleeves because I don’t want them to be too tight over my, uh, “guns”) and after knitting the body one and half times and then picking approximately 1 billion stitches for the front band, 64 stitches should be a breeze! Even if I have to do 64 stitches twice, and then sew them into the armholes…IMG_20140506_204812

What are you working on this week?

The Orange Yarn

I’ve gotten a few questions about what I plan to make with that gorgeous orange-y red lace weight yarn I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival.  When I originally bought it, I thought it’d be so perfect knit up into something intricate and lacy and detailed like the phenomenal shawls that were in the yarn store’s booth.  Naturally, my mind went to traditional lace shawls but I thought the super bright color needed something more modern so off to Ravelry I went.IMG_1288

I love the way you can search for just about anything you could imagine in Ravelry, seriously.  I especially love that I was able to specify my search by the weight of yarn and yardage I had.  The results were, of course, fabulous and there were pages and pages of beautiful things to look at.  Shawls, of course, but also sweaters!  Full sweaters out of a single skein?  Why wouldn’t I attempt such a feat?IMG_1338

So, needless to say, the idea of a shawl slowly slipped out the window and the idea of knitting a lacy lightweight sweater out of this statement yarn started percolating in my head and I debated between a few but I believe I’ve decided on one, with a few mods planned.IMG_1401

I want to do this Atalanta sweater – it fits many of my requirements and original ideas: it’s lacey, it’s a cardigan, it gets a lot of bang for not a lot of buck (very little yardage required) and bonus! It’s a free pattern!  I plan to make the fronts actual fronts because I like my cardigans to close sometimes and based on the yardage requirements, I should be able to.IMG_1395

But never fear knitters, I do have plans for intricate lace shawls (including beads!) for the near future with another gorgeous yarn you’ve seen before 😉

Pattern Release: Mottled Daydream

I’ve been teasing,IMG_8840

and taunting,IMG_9135

and not letting any real details out about this piece…IMG_8838

until now!


This little shawl is part of the Malabrigo Quickies Program and, let me tell you, the yarn is to. die. for. It’s soft and it’s gorgeous and it’s subtle and it’s absolutely perfect for summer knitting and year-round wear!IMG_9446

The entire shawl uses just shy of 2 skeins of Malabrigo’s Silkpaca, but ends up a generous size that looks great wrapped around your neck bandana-style or draped over the shoulders with a nice evening gown (or at least I imagine it would look nice this way, I don’t have any reason to wear evening gowns…)IMG_9645

I’m especially pleased with the shape this shawl makes,IMG_9444

The center point is deep enough to add extra coverage or warmth, but isn’t as deep as most shawls which can be overwhelming sometimes.  I think it’s good practice to have a variety of neck accessories in one’s wardrobe.IMG_9649

The shawl pattern can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy.

The Score

Can you believe that I only came home with a single skein of yarn from Rhinebeck?

Seriously.  Just one.

I almost don’t believe it myself, I had planned on treating myself to more but I think I got overwhelmed with all of the choices and then on Sunday (my designated shopping day) I was distracted with having to make it to the airport on time and such.

Canoptic Clay in Afterglow

The yarn I did come home with though was from Bittersweet Woolery (of course) and it is the most gorgeous tonal-ish brown shade of Canoptic Clay in her Afterglow base.

Let’s just say that this yarn will match well with the leftover yarn from the Compass Rose Shawl to become another beautiful design in the near-ish future 😉

Bittersweet is Always the Best Flavor

When I make chocolate chip cookie dough (it really hardly ever makes it to baked-cookie phase) I always prefer using bittersweet chocolate morsels to milk chocolate but today’s post isn’t about food.  It’s about a different kind of sweet. The kind of sweet that only a shiny silk merino blend can satiate.

That's the kind of sweet I want to sink my teeth into

Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I have been chatting for a bit about doing a collaboration together.  Her yarn + My Design = awesome lace knitting for you! 

I want to swim in merino silk and shiny

The other day I received two skeins of her Star Dust Lace yarn in the most beautiful, shimmery watery aqua color and I think it will go perfectly into the design we’ve discussed and collaborated on.

Bittersweet Woolery's Star Dust Lace

Have you worked with Bittersweet Woolery’s yarns yet?  I want to see what you’ve made!  And if you haven’t, I really quite highly suggest trying some for yourself, the woman behind the magic is just as sweet as the yarns she creates and she’s a pleasure to work with.  Find her on Ravelry and don’t forget to read her blog!

WIP Wednesday: Revival

This week I’m sharing with you a WIP that’s been on the needles for… well, months.  Although, in my defense, I did finish it once…I just frogged it back a long ways and redid 80% of it.

I don't really mind knitting it, its so pretty and so so so so so so soft

The Malabrigo Lace project is still on the needles.  Yes, yes I know it’s been months and months and …yea I know.

Take II

This time around, I may be racing the skeins.  Much like racing the clock, I am trying to knit to the end of this thing as fast as I can so that I don’t run out of yarn.  Makes sense yes?  Think I can do it?

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