WIP Wednesday: Adding a Little Color

Within the past two weeks I’ve started two new projects and crunched numbers for a new sweater design. I wanted more color in my knits and the Boboli Lace from my FibreShare package jumped out at me from the beginning so, naturally, I picked it up and got to knitting!IMG_1956

This is a new cowl design and I’m loving the way the colors are working up in this yarn. I’ll be needing some test knitters for the pattern soon too, so keep your ears open for that call!IMG_2715

I’m also working on a white Lacy Slouch to be followed up with a black version and sent off to a new owner.

What are you working on this week?

FO Friday: Another Lacy Slouch

This version of the Lacy Slouch was very different than my previous versions for quite a few reasons.  I was using a lighter weight yarn and therefor went down a few needle sizes for the brim, then up a bit for the body and I had to increase the number of stitches cast on and the number of pattern repeats accordingly.IMG_2101

I love how this came out – the color of the Malabrigo Arroyo is gorgeous and this hat blocked out so well which I’m sure is because of the 100% superwash merino content.  The hat is so soft and lightweight!IMG_2099

Linking up with Tami again!  Did you finish anything this week?  Do you have any fun weekend plans?

WIP Wednesday: I Lied.

Remember last week I showed you that I was going to start on a hat for myself out of that yarn I bought as a gift to me?

I lied, I’m not knitting that anymore.

Instead I’m working on a hat for my fabulous Aunteeeeeeee J out of some equally fabulous Malabrigo Arroyo in a stunning colorway.IMG_1983

I’m knitting my Lacy Slouch pattern again with a few mods.  Because this yarn is a lighter weight than the others, I’ve gone down a few needles sizes to a US 4 (3.5mm) for the brim and casted on 102 stitches.  So far it’s knitting up beautifully and I’m excited to see how the colors play with the texture I’m going to be starting soon.IMG_2054

Linking up with Tami as always!  What are you working on this week?

Recent Project

Knitting content on a knitting blog?  No way!

After I finished fixing the fiasco from former fixations (I have a serious love in my heart for alliteration), I had a request come in for another Lacy Slouch.

This time around, she wanted something that was more fit for warmer weather but had the same nice drape and deep black color.  I chose to work with Elsbeth Lavold’s Hempathy – a hemp, linen and rayon blend that I’ve worked with before on this fun project:

The hat is a super quick knit that I never get tired of whipping up.  I’ve probably made at least 7 or 8 of these hats!IMG_1116

This newest version is all finished and blocked with the final touches already placed, but I’ll share those pictures on Friday!

More knitting to come this week and exciting news to be shared very soon!  Also, in relation to my exciting-news-to-be-shared-very-soon, I’ll be having a destash sale and pattern sale, so stay tuned for more info on that 🙂

WIP Wednesday: New Stuff!

Can you believe it?  I actually have new WIPs to share this week!  And and and!  Did you notice that was plural?

Yup.  More than one new project.  Believe it.

Both projects are hats, both slouchy and both moving along quickly although that’s where the similarities end.

The first hat that I started is using some Mochi Plus that my roomie gave to me as a gift a while back paired with some creamy handspun mohair that I acquired along with three massive bags of other vintage and handspun yarns from a thrift store (massive Thrift Store Score).  I’m knitting it up in my Lacy Slouch Patternand although it sorely needs to be blocked, I think its looking quite nice thus far, don’t you?

Colors and Creams

The second is what I’m deeming the first of many Dread Head Hats.  A friend with substantially long and heavy dreads would like a hat that is able to hold his dreads inside of it while retaining the shape and not getting so stretched out and weighed down that it won’t stay on his head for more than the first day of wear.  To accomplish this feat I’m inserting a bit of elastic band into the brim of the hat, this is just the preliminary design, after it is completed and used I certainly expect some helpful critique to make the following versions better and better.

It looks nothing like this anymore...

To see more WIP visit Tami’s blog and don’t forget to share your own!