WIP Wednesday: Revival

This week I’m sharing with you a WIP that’s been on the needles for… well, months.  Although, in my defense, I did finish it once…I just frogged it back a long ways and redid 80% of it.

I don't really mind knitting it, its so pretty and so so so so so so soft

The Malabrigo Lace project is still on the needles.  Yes, yes I know it’s been months and months and …yea I know.

Take II

This time around, I may be racing the skeins.  Much like racing the clock, I am trying to knit to the end of this thing as fast as I can so that I don’t run out of yarn.  Makes sense yes?  Think I can do it?

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Aidez Post-Poned


Remember that KAL I was doing with Freshy?  The one where we both going to finally knit the Aidez for ourselves and be supremely happy with the phenomenal results?

Mine has been postponed.

The yarn I chose isn’t getting gauge and although I do love the fabric created by the yarn, it just won’t work for this sweater and so I’m putting it aside until I can design something phenomenal out of it for myself.

Now doesn't that scream to be made into squooshy cables wrapped around my body? I thought so too.

I suppose this post-ponement isn’t altogether bad, I *do* have another excuse to go yarn shopping right?  I simply must get appropriate yarn for Aidez so that I can don this oh-so-freaking-cute cardigan by the time its cold enough outside.

Have you knit Aidez?  Share your stories with me!  I’m always enjoying others’ renditions of this immediate classic 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Some Progress and News!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

All of the projects I have going right now (3 of them! Eek!  I usually try to stay somewhat monogamous with my knitting…) have made some progress this week although not much to show I guess.

The yellow Malabrigo had a needle malfunction and is not being knit on straights.  I don’t knit with straights often, and they feel weird in my hands but I do want to get this done at some point in the future and this is the way to do it!

small waves of sunshine and clouds

The sweater is almost at the pattern-change point, and the new design is off to a fresh albeit slightly delayed start because of the other projects.

And this news?

I’m releasing the Braided Slouch Pattern tomorrow!  So keep your eyes open for the latest pattern from SillyLittleLady 🙂

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WIP Wednesday: KISS

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I was having some difficulties with the Malabrigo lace project that I keep teasing you with and so I put it down for a while (“a while” means for an evening, didn’t even make it 24 hours before I had to pick it up again) to try and let the creative juices flow and magic to happen.

I decided that I was trying to make it too difficult and it wasn’t necessary to whip out complicated patterns and numbers to prove to the knitting and designing world that I’m capable and instead I’ve opted to Keep It Simple Silly (yes, yes, I know how that acronym usually ends, but, I mean, I am Silly Little Lady afterall).

today is the morning after the rain, can you sense that in the photo?

The shawlette/scarf is plugging along whenever I have the time to knit on it some and I gotta say, I am very pleased with this simplicity and awesomeness that is unfolding.  As I’ve mentioned before, this will also need test knitters sometime in the hopefully-near future and if you’re interested in helping me out, drop me a line!

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WIP Wednesday: Weekend Progress

This weekend there was plenty of knitting time in the car since we were road-tripping all around southern and western Colorado.

I got a fair amount done on this sweater:

Progress sure does look good

Much more than I showed you a few weeks ago, wouldn’t you say?  It’s coming along well although a bit slow since it is for a larger person than myself as a Christmas present and every now and again I worry that it won’t be done in time, but we’ll see…there may be some sleepless knitting nights come December in order to get it to the recipient on time.

And I’ve also been working on this pseudo-seekrit project and making decent progress as well:

So in love. I'd marry this if I could, for serious. It feels amazing, it looks amazing, it talks to me when I'm down, it gives me back rubs...

I’m quite excited about how its turning out and I absolutely love love LOVE the color combination between the two yarns.

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WIP Wednesday: A few new things

Welcome to WIP Wednesday everyone!

I actually have some new projects to show you, both are coming designs and both are so far phenomenal and hard to put down.

The first:

small teaser photo

Two strands of Malabrigo lace held together.  This is the yarn I picked up at Stitches South to go with my Paris yarn and I’m very excited to be finally working on this design!

The second:

Mmm I love the colors of these projects

The orange Jitterbug I received in that giveaway a few weeks (months?) back.  I’m making into a hat for the fall and I can’t wait for it to be finished!  Hopefully both designs will be gracing my shops by the time all rolls around.

The knitting has been slow and intermittent, I’m still looking for a job and really need to find one right away.  I really am applying to tens of jobs everyday, and I’ve had a few interviews (even second interviews) and haven’t landed a job yet 😦  Send job-finding vibes my way if you have any to spare!

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Something I’ve Never Tried Before

Now, remember when I said last week that I was looking for a yarn to go with my Paris yarn at the Stitches South marketplace?

My thought process was that if I had a goal-yarn in mind, it would help curb impulse spending, (being a broke college student also helps impulse spending, incidentally)   and for the most part, it did.  I bought 10 skeins of Silky Wool in a taupe color because I’ve been in love with the silky wool since my momma had me wind some for her last summer, not to mention it was 50% off in those quantities (you can be expecting another design coming this fall with that yarn).

so much yarn everywhere!

Back to my goal-yarn.

I searched and I searched and for a change of pace, I searched some more.  I knew sort-of what I was looking for, something to bring out the bits of yellow in the gray-ish alpaca I brought home.  I wanted something with a bit of a halo, since the alpaca itself has a bit of a halo.  I wanted it to be of a similar weight – about fingering or sock weight perhaps.

So many of the yellows I found were too rainy-day and some were too dandelion.  Some were too pastel and others were too mustard.

Finally, I found it.  I found my Paris-yarn soul mate.  The color was perfect, just rich enough to add interest, depth and dimension.  The yarn was thin with just a touch of halo, less than the alpaca but not perfectly smooth.

Meet Frank

I’ve never had the pleasure of using Malabrigo before, this was my first Malabrigo purchase and it was so worth it.  I picked up two skeins of the Malabrigo Lace in Frank Ochre.

I’m still sort of deciding what I want to do with it, I know I want it wrapped around my neck/face area because it is so devastatingly soft and I’m thinking I want fringies as well….a scarf, shawl, or cowl……..

And as a bit of added awesomeness to the weekend, I won some Malabrigo Worsted at the Student Fashion Show dinner they had Saturday night too 🙂

Stitches South 2011 Recap

Skeins used during the trip: 2

Skeins added to stash: 15


Experiences had (not counting classes)

For Next Time:

  • Bigger spending budget
  • Bigger suitcase

    I colored it myself!
  • Something handknit to wear everyday – Can you believe I only brought two sweaters? (Really? What was I thinking?)
  • Something to show off in the student show
  • The juevos to show something off in the student show
  • Cute pajamas for the pj party

    some class materials

Classes I took

  • Where do they get those numbers? – Edie Eckman
  • How to say it: technical writing – Edie Eckman
  • Art of knitting backwards – Candace Eisner Strick
  • More than one way to skin a sweater – Jolie Elder
  • Join as you go knitting – Lily Chin

    One of my favorites from the fashion show

What I came home with (not even including what my momma came home with)

  • 3 skeins Malabrigo worsted and a corresponding hat, scarf and mittens pattern set (I’ve never worked with Malabrigo before, these are my first skeins!!)
  • 2 skeins Malabrigo lace – to match with my Paris yarn
  • 10 yds sample skein from Miss Babs
  • 1 yarn caddy from Purty Thangs – won during dinner after the fashion show
  • 10 skeins elsbeth lavold silky wool in taupe – for a new design coming this fall
  • 65 pictures – should’ve taken more
  • 6  business cards – handed out 4 of my own (again, should’ve handed out more)
  • 14,578 new ideas

    one of the many booths in the marketplace

There will be a more comprehensive post on the yarn this week sometime (or maybe next if I get too busy).

Bottom line:  I will be going to another Stitches event and more knitting weekends/retreats/conventions in general and I think you should too.