WIP Wednesday: Sweater Surgery

Last week I asked you guys what I should do about the center panel of my Miranda Sweater once I realized that I had been missing entire rows throughout all of the cable turns!IMG_1412

Most of you said to leave it alone since it was consistent and I was probably the only person who would notice.  Usually, that would be totally fine with me but with this particular sweater, I just kept looking at it and knowing that it was so wrong.  I decided to rip out just the center panel and reknit it to match the required cable turns.ResizedImage_1382487590910

Now that the center panel is correct, I’m moving right along and am very happy with how it’s coming!  Definitely worth the surgery, in my opinion.IMG_20131019_222245

Linking up with Tami as always!  What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: The Sweater

My WIP in progress this week is the Miranda Sweater!

I decided to turn the disappointment from last week into this pullover vs the Aidez cardigan mostly because of gauge conflicts.  I’ll knit that Aidez someday, but right now I just don’t have the yarn for it.IMG_1357

I’m knitting the 35” size and am hoping that the ever so slightly tighter gauge that I got will even out with the ever so slightly larger size.  I still want the sweater to be able to layer over t-shirts and the like but not so baggy that it’s unflattering.  I’m also hoping that the US 8 (5mm) needles will help keep the single ply Malabrigo Worsted from pilling too quickly, but that’s something we’ll just have to wait and see I guess! IMG_1363

So far I haven’t made any mods, I’m past the short row back shaping and moving right along the shoulders hoping to divide for the sleeves very soon!

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you knitting this week?

The Vagabond’s Closet – A New Collection

Remember all those little bits and pieces of designs that were so sooper seekrit that I couldn’t talk about them for months? And months…and months….IMG_0026

All I could do was share tiny, teasing glimpses into the yarns, colors or textures but never tell the whole story? (or even half the story?)IMG_0085

Now I can talk about them!

The Vagabond’s Closet is a 5 piece collection that features knit articles and accessories that, whether worn together or separately, are sure to complement your nomadic lifestyle. (Click through on the links or pictures to learn more about the design and see more pretty pictures!)The Vagabond's Closet

Showing off a variety of Malabrigo’s absolutely gorgeous yarns, the assortment ranges in yarn weights, colors used, techniques explored and difficulty levels.  Among the items you’ll find the Wayfaring Vest:The Wayfaring Vest

A circle vest that starts from the center of the back and is worked out with a stranded colorwork star motif and a combination of simple colorwork and textural interest.

The Transient Tunic:The Transient Tunic

The tunic is modifiable in length and the fabric has a generous amount of give so any of the 4 sizes should fit most adult women!  The geometric detail in the waistband is where it’s all started, with stitches picked up for the top and skirt later.

The Tattered So Chic Mitts:The Tattered So Chic Mitts

A simple shape and texture with visually interesting dropped stitch details – each mitt has a different make-up so even though it seems like you’re knitting plain stockinette the end results are stunning!  The length allows the mitts to run all the way from your knuckles to your upper arms, but they look just as chic slouched down below your elbows.

The Nomadic Nights Slouch:The Nomadic Nights Slouch

With chunky yarn, this slouch is a super quick knit.  The colorwork and textural interest make it fun to work on and the interesting construction and shape make it totally unique!

and the Wrapping Up The Journey Skirt:The Wrapping Up The Journey Skirt

A one-size fits most, wrap-style skirt, this one is elevated with the gorgeous color combinations found only in Malabrigo’s yarns.  Make it longer by knitting the panels longer, adding more panels or colors; wear it over jeans, leggings or bare legs – it’s perfect for all seasons!

The collection can be purchased as an ebook for a discounted price or as individual patterns.20130717-IMG_5901-2

Where do your knitting and traveling dreams take you?  Mine take me around the world, visiting every place I haven’t yet seen and meeting all the new people along the way (sadly, these dreams are not supported by my bank account…).


**I just want to quickly shoutout to the awesome photographer, Travis Dodd!*

Changing Colors

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with dyes lately!

It started with a sweater.  A once lovely, cream, 100% merino sweater that my roommate’s now-ex boyfriend washed with blacks.  On this most unfortunate of occasions, the color transferred and the creamy beauty was obscured with random blots of blackish grey that didn’t suit the beautiful sweater one bit.

She passed the sweater on to me as it no longer suited her wardrobe and it fit and felt so good that I didn’t want to get rid of it either.  The sweater languished in my closet, making an appearance on occasion only to be returned to the shadowy depths because a splotchy black-cream sweater didn’t fit into my wardrobe either.  I was working from home when I rediscovered a batch of Jaquard dyes in my studio closet – Bingo!

spa prep

The sweater took a long hot bath with one gorgeous shade of blue and emerged new and exciting and blue and has been in regular rotation (making a starring appearance in Austin last weekend).  Blue is this sweater’s true color, she’s happy to be showing it now.

FO Friday: The Rhinebeck Sweater

It’s about time, right?! The yellow sweater was finally finished, the night before I left for Rhinebeck, ends were woven in during my delayed layover in Dulles and it was “steam blocked” by hanging in the bathroom whilst I showered.

Freshygot the best pictures of it, for sure:

Perfectly fair-themed

Wanna hear the story about how the sweater actually got finished?  Of course you do.

1. The sweater was begunand most of it was knit in a 3-day period leaving me unable to move my wrist and wearing a brace

it all started with a big yellow ball

2. The rest of it was slowly added over the course of a few weeks and sleeves were a topic of concern

The Great Sleeve Debate of 2012

3. When I finally decided to do full length sleeves, I ran out of yarn (as was the concern above)

4. The night before I left for New York I sat and Skyped with my sweater in my lap, unraveling the bottom edging while also knitting this unraveled yarn straight to the sleeve, the two were connected and more yarn unraveled as more sleeve was added

5. After the sleeves were an acceptable length, I had to go back and re-bind-off the bottom border, which required more tinking

6. I still ran out of yarn 7 stitches from the end and decided that in order for my sanity to stay right where it was (which may or may not be questionable in the first place) I would just use the closest matching yellow yarn from my stash for the last inch of bind off.

it is ever-so-slightly neon

7. The sweater was finished. And worn. And it is glorious.

A pattern may be in the works if there’s interest, trust me, it’s warm and cozy and soft and a great addition to my collection.


Bittersweet is Always the Best Flavor

When I make chocolate chip cookie dough (it really hardly ever makes it to baked-cookie phase) I always prefer using bittersweet chocolate morsels to milk chocolate but today’s post isn’t about food.  It’s about a different kind of sweet. The kind of sweet that only a shiny silk merino blend can satiate.

That's the kind of sweet I want to sink my teeth into

Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I have been chatting for a bit about doing a collaboration together.  Her yarn + My Design = awesome lace knitting for you! 

I want to swim in merino silk and shiny

The other day I received two skeins of her Star Dust Lace yarn in the most beautiful, shimmery watery aqua color and I think it will go perfectly into the design we’ve discussed and collaborated on.

Bittersweet Woolery's Star Dust Lace

Have you worked with Bittersweet Woolery’s yarns yet?  I want to see what you’ve made!  And if you haven’t, I really quite highly suggest trying some for yourself, the woman behind the magic is just as sweet as the yarns she creates and she’s a pleasure to work with.  Find her on Ravelry and don’t forget to read her blog!

Projects Going MIA

I bet you’re all wondering what happened with that secret lace project I was teasing you with a while back huh?

Well, after I decided that the sample I’d knit was too small, I frogged back a ways then began to reknit it larger.  This didn’t bother me, I’d rather rip back and create something that utilizes the yarn efficiently and will keep me warm this coming winter.  I don’t know if you’ve ever frogged anything that’s been blocked before, but it left me with some of the cutest, most uniform little crimps ever.

Little yarny zippers

Aren’t they darling?

So there I was, happily re-knitting along and one day I came home from work to find this mess:

Sorry for the crappy photo, let just say the entire situation was crappy

The dogs had decided to “unwrap” my frogged package and let me tell you, they’re lucky it was salvageable and they didn’t cause too much damage.

I might be dog-less if they did.

Needless to say, that took a while to figure itself out but the shawlette is back on track and things are coming along swimmingly if a bit slowly what with work and Christmas knitting already underway.  I promise to have more to show you soon, I’m working on the life-work-knitting-having-fun balance and I think it’s starting to work itself pretty well.

How do you balance everything?

WIP Wednesday: KISS

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I was having some difficulties with the Malabrigo lace project that I keep teasing you with and so I put it down for a while (“a while” means for an evening, didn’t even make it 24 hours before I had to pick it up again) to try and let the creative juices flow and magic to happen.

I decided that I was trying to make it too difficult and it wasn’t necessary to whip out complicated patterns and numbers to prove to the knitting and designing world that I’m capable and instead I’ve opted to Keep It Simple Silly (yes, yes, I know how that acronym usually ends, but, I mean, I am Silly Little Lady afterall).

today is the morning after the rain, can you sense that in the photo?

The shawlette/scarf is plugging along whenever I have the time to knit on it some and I gotta say, I am very pleased with this simplicity and awesomeness that is unfolding.  As I’ve mentioned before, this will also need test knitters sometime in the hopefully-near future and if you’re interested in helping me out, drop me a line!

Wanna see more WIPs?  Skip on over to Tami’s blog to read other yarny adventures!

A Scholarly Cardigan

Introducing a new pattern today: A Scholarly Cardigan

Meant to fit loosely around the body, this cardigan is a great finishing layer to add just a bit of warmth on a chilly day or bring together any outfit.

The basketweave pattern flows away from the body creating flattering lines on just about every shape.  With a smooth stockinette pattern on top, the cardigan won’t add unnecessary bulk and provides a clean, smooth texture.

The sleeves can be made in any length to make the sweater more year-round friendly.

Find it on Ravelry, or in my Etsy Shop!

Sizes: S[M,L,XL]

Finished Measurements: to loosely fit bust: 33[38,42,46]


Size 8 circular needles and dpns

7 (8, 8, 9) Balls Plymouth Suri Merino (55% Suri Alpaca, 45% Extra Fine Merino, 110 yds ea)

Darning Needle

Stitch markers

Scrap yarn

Gauge: 5 sts x 6 rows = 1 inch in stockinette stitch on size 8 needles

Stuff You Should Know How To Do:

K – knit

P – purl

Kfb – knit into the front and back of the next stitch

Pm – place stitch marker

K2tog – knit the next 2 stitches together knitwise

Skp – slip 1 stitch knitwise, k1, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch

Slm – slip marker

Thank you to my wonderful testers!  mrsmouse, pkee, knititkim, HairballYarn, and TheKnittyGritty – you all did such a phenomenal job 😀