Taking Back The Minetta

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was planning a new beginning for this project. That time has come and I’m on my way to having yarn to execute new ideas!

One thing I learned during the process is that I am a really thorough button sewer-on-er. Those pretty little silver buttons were worth saving but just removing them was a lesson in patience lest I ruin the yarn they were sewn into. And there were 11 of them.


After carefully removing all of the beautiful buttons, I came to the part of the project where I needed to frog the knitting. The best way to do this? In my opinion, use my ball winder and turn the thing back into cakes, ready to be knit.

I probably won’t be reskeining and washing this yarn before use – I know a lot of knitters do and it’s a great way to get that noodle-y look out of it. Having knit with frogged yarn many times before, I know it won’t affect my gauge all that much and I’ll be working up a swatch, washing and blocking before I begin re-knitting anyway.

What do you do when you frog projects? Do you re-wash and de-kink the yarn? Or forge ahead into noodle knitting? (Also, what do you think of the video? I don’t do video often but want to play with it a little more so any feedback is appreciated!)

FO Friday: The Minetta Cardigan

It’s finished!  According to Ravelry, it took me exactly three months to knit this sweater although to this knitter, it felt like a lot longer.IMG_9940

I found some cute buttons to go with it – I wanted something that would keep this cardigan a neutral (no bright colors) but would also keep it from being too boring. These classy little metal ones look perfect I think.IMG_9815

The sweater fits a little weird in places but it’s all things that I can live with and just take note of for the next cardigan.IMG_9906

1. I wish I’d added either waist shaping or hip increases (both might’ve been too much, but one or the other would be ok)

2. The sleeves are big in the underarms and a bit snug around the forearm – fine for layering with short sleeves or tanks. I don’t like underarms that are too tight or touch my skin anywaysIMG_9901

This is my second sweater out of Manos del Uruguay Serena (the first was my Bailiwick) and I know I’ll make more (actually, one is in the works right now with my fabulous sample knitter). This yarn is soft and drapey but shows off texture well.  It certainly keeps tops warm – so not for the dog days of summer – but lightweight (again, that layering thing I keep talking about).IMG_9913

All in all, I’d make this sweater again, I’d just make some changes to it along the way.

Have you finished anything cool?

WIP Wednesday: Aaaalllmost

We’re getting there, folks. I start this sweater back in March, according to Ravelry, and it’s taken me quite a bit longer than anticipated. I’m a few inches from finishing the second sleeve and from there, it’s a quick neckband, buttons and a good block away from finished.IMG_9685

(clearly, Lisa felt the need to supervise) The raglan line does look (and feel, based on try-ons during the knitting process) a bit long but I think that’ll work in my favor for layering this sweater with other tops and dresses. The sleeves get quite tight at the cuff and I may end up ripping those out later to loosen them up a bit but I want to wear it a few times first to find out for sure how much looser I want it.IMG_9686

What projects are you making headway on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Would Ya Look At That

It’s June. Somehow that last bit of May just slipped right on by and now it’s June.

I’m still working on my sweater, I’ve bound off the bottom edge and am working on the first sleeve now.IMG_1204

My momma finished her sweater and it’s gorgeous!  Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of the two of us together this past weekend when she came to visit, but she sent me some photos of her Minetta.DSCN3597 (1)

I started a new job last week that I’ll hopefully tell you about soon, I’m sure many of you will understand the lack of posting last week what with all the new things going on, new routines to make and then family in town!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Milestone Reached

As many a knitter knows, flying time can be excellent knitting time. Although I can’t currently knit as often as I used to, and only for short periods of time, having many hours on planes did (finally) allow me to reach that silly sleeve divide.IMG_0931

Behold. An underarm.

A beautiful thing, ain’t it?IMG_8477

It always seems like those last rows before the sleeve divide are never-ending. What with all those stitches you’re still increasing, all the shaping and growing of the sweater. That divide is still like magic and I love it everytime. IMG_8476

Now, I’ve still got a long ways to go on this cardigan, my momma is whizzing along on hers, at this rate, I’ll catch up sometime next year haha!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Dropped That Ball

I was absolutely a bit over-confident about my assumption that I’d be at the sleeve divide within the week. I knit too much over that weekend and hurt my wrists so I had to take an entire week off knitting!  Sad days my friends, sad days.IMG_7808

(Dog butt because she likes to be everywhere I am) Back in the saddle and a wee bit of progress has been made on both the sweater and the shawl. Not to mention I cranked out a hat while teaching an Intermediate Knitting class (more details on that hopefully Friday!).IMG_7812

What are you knitting this week pretties?

WIP Wednesday: Family KAL

Progress is being made on both Minettas this week!

Mine has developed into purse knitting which means I’m making more progress on it than I was (although that’s only true when it’s light enough outside to see the stitches on the walk to work, some mornings I get up too early for the sun and revert back to the soothing garter stitch shawl that needs less visual attention while walking).IMG_0794

My momma’s Minetta is moving right along too!  I imagine we’ll both be to the sleeve divide within the week (but I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there…).DSCN3367

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Old Stuff, New Stuff, Grey Stuff, Blue Stuff

I’m basically a poet, didn’t you know? it? eh?

I’ll stick to knitting, how’s that?

This week I’m here to show you the shawl project I mentioned last week along with another new WIP!IMG_7432

The new project is a Minetta that I’m working on as a KAL with my momma!  I’m using some Serena by Manos del Uruguay from my stash in the Seal colorway.IMG_7428

We’re both using a heavier gauge yarn (sport vs fingering) and going up to a US 5 needle.  We’re both knitting the 36 size as well.  I’m hoping that this will be a great experiment for us and other Minetta knitters!IMG_7414

The shawl is moving along, not too fast since the rows are getting so so long and I really only have time to work on it during my walks to and from work, but progress is progress, right?

What are you working on this week?