WIP Wednesday: The Yellow Sweater

I promise the yellow sweater is still being worked on (it’s in my lap right now even) albiet very slowly compared to it’s lightening fast start.

I like the way the collar turned out and am glad I did that before I ran out of yarn…

I’m still working on the first sleeve and am mildly concerned that I won’t have enough yarn left to make a second if I want to make them long sleeved.  I want long sleeves.  You know what happens when you combine those two words? Long sleeves? Loves. Loves is what happens and that’s what I want.

excuse the canine, she likes to be wherever I am (although she does kind of look like she’s just an odd growth on my hip)

So, basically, I’m trying to knit faster so that I don’t run out of yarn and if I do, well, maybe I’ll make them elbow length.  That seems to be in style this season. But combining elbow length only gives you “elth” which is less fun to say and doesn’t conjure up the same fuzzy feelings as “loves.”

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