Musical Monday: Revolution

Happy Monday everyone!

I participated in two different art shows in the Denver area this weekend I know you’re all curious to see how it turned out (at least, I’m excited to show you and in my head that means you’re curious) and I promise photos and a write up this week, but for today I’m sharing Gisli with you.  Enjoy!

Revolution by Gisli

Musical Monday #2

Today I’m sharing with you a song by a man who is somewhat of an acquired taste?  I don’t many people who liked him right off the bat, but once you listen to him once you’re curious for more, and the more you have, the more you love.  Kind of like Boba Tea…those little tapioca pearls are a trip at first but addictive after the first drink!

A Ribbon by Davendra Banhart

If you’d like to participate put your links in the comments!