Musical Monday: Somebody That I Used to Know

Welcome to another week here in 2012!  This week I’m sharing with you a song that caught my attention a few months back but is now starting to make the radio rounds here in Denver and really, it’s a phenomenal song and you should hear it too 🙂

Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye

Musical Monday: Chelsea Dagger

I hope that regardless of which holiday you choose to celebrate you all had a relaxing, fun and happy weekend.  I had some wonderful times, ate far too much and got some knitting done (new design to come!).  Now, I know that today’s song isn’t particularly holiday-themed, but it’s fun and energetic – perfect for getting my your butt off the couch and your hands out of the cookie jar!

Cheslea Dagger by The Fratellis

Musical Monday:

Welcome back to another week!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did and I promise to share more about it later this week.  for now, I figured it’s about time to get into the holiday spirit (it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is less than a week away to me) and so I’m sharing a song from my all-time favorite Christmas movie!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Burl Ives

What do you do to get into the spirit this time of year?

Musical Monday: Revolution

Happy Monday everyone!

I participated in two different art shows in the Denver area this weekend I know you’re all curious to see how it turned out (at least, I’m excited to show you and in my head that means you’re curious) and I promise photos and a write up this week, but for today I’m sharing Gisli with you.  Enjoy!

Revolution by Gisli