Finishing Up Clue 3!

I’ve got some not-so-great shots of my current stole, it rained all night and day yesterday which, while a pleasant interruption of the norm, rendered grey skies and poor lighting.  Great knitting weather though!

Clue 3, growing nicely

I’m finishing up clue 3 in these photographs, I started the little points about a row late (Lazy Designer Syndrome) and, having ripped back at least 3 times earlier that day they were started, decided just to fudge them a smidge where necessary.

crumply lace, stacked cakes, it’s like a wedding!

As you have seen/can see, I’m using two cakes of Bittersweet’s Star Dust Lace in Merfolk.  The two cakes differ slightly so I’m knitting two rows of one, two rows of the other to blend them and I think it’s working out perfectly.

Are you partaking in this KAL? How is your stole coming along?

WIP Wednesday: I Probably Need My Own Compass

The KAL has had some ups and downs, it’s our first one (for both Tina and I) and it sure has been a learning process!  My second version of the stole is coming along albeit slowly with the new job and general life responsibilities and all that fun stuff.

the beginning of the compass rose motif just peaking through

Clue 4 went out Sunday and I’m still working on Clue 3, but as I’ve said before, knitting lace can be addicting because “just one more row” and I can see the pattern better! Every row adds something new and exciting 🙂

doesn’t the colorway look like the ocean?

Joining up with Tami, as usual, what are you knitting this week?

WIP Wednesday: Mystery KAL Pattern

This week I’m sharing pictures of the stole, the sweater has only a little sleeve progress and to be honest I’m worried I’ll run out of yarn!

crumply, bumpy, wavy lace

I’m working on the 3rd clue that went out on Sunday, with the new job and everything going on it’s slow moving but I love the yarn (by Bittersweet Woolery) and I love watching the pattern emerge 🙂

Teaming up with Tami again!

Compass Rose Stole

So the Mystery KAL is underway and I’m excited by the progress all of the participants are sharing! I love seeing the design knit up in different colorways and I’m even knitting another too 😀

it even waves! like the ocean!

The stole pattern is available for purchase but won’t be released to the public until early October when the KAL is over.  If you choose to purchase the pattern between now and then, it will arrive in your inbox as soon as it is available!

Mystery KAL Coming Soon!

I’ve been teasing you with it for months and really, that’s not going to change.  Instead, Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I will be hosting a mystery KAL so you can unravel the final design yourselves!

undulating waves of yarn

In a thread in her newly-created Ravelry Group, Tina gives a few details about the KAL to whet your appetite, I only want to further her mission and get ya’ll as excited as we are about this collaboration 🙂