A Wee Jedi


My nephew and family celebrated the first year after his birth just a few weeks ago and as you all know, in the knitting world, new babes can


not go unspoiled when it comes to knitwear and such a celebration was definitely a worthy cause.


As his parents (and much of the rest of the family) are of the nerd variety, I thought that this hat would be perfect for him:

A Wee Jedi

This was gifted to him along with his Christmas stocking I shared with you and I hope that they both see much love and use in the future.

FO Friday: A 1st Birthday

Not only do I have an FO for you, but I have some time to actually show you!

Because the parents of my nephew are both nerds, their son is bound to be a nerd too and I plan on facilitating future geekery as much as possible.

A Previous Nerdy Gift

He turns a whole year old in November and I decided to knit up his present right away because I knowthat by November I’ll quite possibly have been smothered by all the yarn and Christmas knitting I’ll be carrying around with me that he may never get his gift.

Warm and Green

Ravelry Details here 🙂

A Nerdy Gift

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