WIP Wednesday: Old and New

This week we’re back to the orange sweater!  The first attempt at a sleeve was turning out way too big so I’ve ripped and re-cast on for it and it’s moving along, albeit slowly.  I’m finding myself less and less attracted to the idea of knitting with dpns right now but I really want this sweater to be finished!  Anyone wanna knit ’em for me?  Just two little ol’ sleeves?IMG_3933

So that’s the main project I’m working on these days….and…maybe…another new cast on project….IMG_3833

But it wasn’t my fault!  My momma came to visit over the weekend and wanted to make this super cute bag pattern and I liked it too and we just so happened to “accidentally” pick up the yarn and the thing pretty much cast on itself.IMG_3834

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Tragedy Strikes. Again.

Ladies and gents, the universe is trying really hard to get this sweater to not be a sweater. what with the millions of stitches in rib at the bottom and the too-short body that I “finished,” ripped out and reknit not to mention the latest debacle.IMG_3541

Do you know what those are? Those little circles that you see in the fabric of my purse?  The purse that I carry my knitting in? Those, my friends, are ember burns.IMG_3542

I was hanging out around a campfire last weekend and saw a few little embers fly out of the fire and onto my bag so I quickly brushed them off and moved the bag farther away from the danger zone.  A few days after that, I was finishing up (for realsies this time) the back and “fronts” of my sweater.  When I was finished with the sweater I noticed a small piece of black lint on the side and tried to brush it off.

It did not brush off.

Those little embers burned a motha’f*@#$^% hole in my knitting. In my lace. In my lace that is knit with the prettiest laceweight yarn. It. Burned. A. Hole.IMG_3551

A small moment of panic was followed by a quick darning of the stitches around the hole and a soak in the sink to block out.  I’m not going to let those burning little buggers get the best of my knitting, no siree.IMG_3552

I don’t think it’ll be a noticeable thing when the cardigan is being worn but if anything else happens during this process I’m going to set out traps for the knitting gremlins who are stalking me and trying to ruin my really pretty sweater before it’s finished.IMG_3555

What are you working on this week?  Have flames ever found your projects?  Did you kick them in the face if they did?

WIP Wednesday: Back on Track

After ripping out the back and “fronts” that I showed you last week, progress has been made on the sweater and I’m happy with it.IMG_3534

In that picture above you can kind of see the spot that I ripped back to and how much I’ve added – the blocking goes from neat and tidy to a little crunchy with the re-worked yarn haha! Soon (probably today) I’ll do the back and “fronts” again then we’ll really be on our way!IMG_3535

What are you working on this week?

The Orange Yarn

I’ve gotten a few questions about what I plan to make with that gorgeous orange-y red lace weight yarn I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival.  When I originally bought it, I thought it’d be so perfect knit up into something intricate and lacy and detailed like the phenomenal shawls that were in the yarn store’s booth.  Naturally, my mind went to traditional lace shawls but I thought the super bright color needed something more modern so off to Ravelry I went.IMG_1288

I love the way you can search for just about anything you could imagine in Ravelry, seriously.  I especially love that I was able to specify my search by the weight of yarn and yardage I had.  The results were, of course, fabulous and there were pages and pages of beautiful things to look at.  Shawls, of course, but also sweaters!  Full sweaters out of a single skein?  Why wouldn’t I attempt such a feat?IMG_1338

So, needless to say, the idea of a shawl slowly slipped out the window and the idea of knitting a lacy lightweight sweater out of this statement yarn started percolating in my head and I debated between a few but I believe I’ve decided on one, with a few mods planned.IMG_1401

I want to do this Atalanta sweater – it fits many of my requirements and original ideas: it’s lacey, it’s a cardigan, it gets a lot of bang for not a lot of buck (very little yardage required) and bonus! It’s a free pattern!  I plan to make the fronts actual fronts because I like my cardigans to close sometimes and based on the yardage requirements, I should be able to.IMG_1395

But never fear knitters, I do have plans for intricate lace shawls (including beads!) for the near future with another gorgeous yarn you’ve seen before 😉

FO Friday: Orange Hooded Scarf

I shared this as a WIP a week or so ago and it’s here today as an FO!  This scarf was a custom request and I really like how it turned out, and The Gentleman didn’t even do a bad job taking pictures of it 🙂

Trust me, it was colder than this picture would lead you to believe
doesn't that look cozy?

This hooded scarf was knit out of a variety of materials in colors ranging in the oranges and browns with a few creamy endeavors.  Now, it’ is on it’s way to Joshua Tree to keep the recipient warm and colorful.

long enough to wrap a few times

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WIP Wednesday: A Project of Warrior Proportions

Happy Hump Day!  The week is half over and the weekend is coming.  I’ve got a few different projects on the needles right now including the scarf from last week, a new hat on needles (still in baby phase) and a helmet that I’ll share the details with once I get over my frustration of uneven sewing jobs that I was too anxious to complete and now have to dis-complete (it’s a word. I’m too frustrated with the project for it not to be a word).

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WIP Wednesday: In My ‘Hood

Happy Wednesday!  This week I’m sharing a project that’s been on needles for longer than it should have been but between getting a new day job and what not, it’s been my relaxing knitting and I don’t have as much time to relax.

comin' along

I’m making a scrappy orange version of a hooded scarf similar to the one I shared with you last week.  I really like this style of knitting, random and fun, using up lots of odds and ends of yarn and coming up with something 100% totally unique, cool, fun and one of a kind.

cozy colors, cozy fibers

What are you working on this week?  Share yours and read more on Tami’s blog!

*P.S. Are any of you having problems looking at yesterday’s post? I’ve gotten reports of a few people not being able to see the awesome picture but when I pull up my blog it works just fine…