Swatch Organization

I don’t know how many of you other crafters swatch, but I find them extremely important in my design making, especially when it comes to design submissions.  After I’ve knit up the piece at least once, changed needle sizes or stitch counts to suit the fabric, etc, I’ve got all these little pieces of fabric lying around.IMG_8272

They’re textured, colored, simple, small, big, rectangle, oblong, and sorts of useful and kind of pretty.  I keep most of my swatches in this white basket except for the ones I’m currently using.  IMG_8269

If I go back to a swatch from ages ago (or even a week, heck, let’s be honest) I may not remember exactly what size needles I used, or the fiber content of the yarn.  I use these little white tags to keep track of this information so I can refer back to it later.IMG_8268

Do you swatch?  What do you do with them after they’ve served their initial purpose?

Organizing Knitting

I was thinking the other day about all of the knitting I want to do in 2011.

  • I want to knit sweaters for each of my family members (excluding my mom, she already has one from me haha, sorry mom! I’ll make you another someday!) for their birthdays or something.
  • I want to knit my brand new nephew a Christmas stocking so he has a special handmade one for next year.
  • I want to knit a Christmas present every month and stash them away in my “Gifts” Box (doesn’t everyone have one of these on the shelf in their closet next to spare sheets and old bags?)
  • I have so many designs swimming around in my head that I want to knit up and write patterns for I could fill up an entire library

But with all of the other things that will change in my life (namely the fact that I will be graduating from college in May) I’m not sure how I can get it all done. So my question to you is:

How do you organize knitting projects that you want to undertake?

Do you write a long list and just add and add and add to it as new things come up, crossing off others as they are completed?  Do you use the Favorites or Queue features in Ravelry?  Do you even organize projects at all or just knit what comes to you when it comes to you?